Sagar Arora's Transformation: From a Lazy Lad to a Buff

Sagar Arora decided to transform his body after being encouraged by his father. His fitness journey has been an outstanding one and he constantly works hard to remain fit and healthy.

Sagar Arora's Transformation: From a Lazy Lad to a Buff

Sagar was a lazy kid who was addicted to watching television and eating unhealthy food. Growing up, he developed bad eating and drinking habits, which impacted his health and body. Sagar’s father encouraged him into sports, as he was into tennis and exercise. But the unhealthy eating kept his body in a skinny fat shape. Eventually, his father asked him to try gymming to gain muscle mass and lose fat. He therefore, joined the gym at the age of 17 and became serious about it by 19. With the passage of time, lifting weights became an addiction for him.

Sagar was inspired by looking at the fit people with aesthetic physique at the gym. In 2012, he promised himself that he would take workouts seriously and transform his body. He worked hard for years, trying to become the best he could, as a natural athlete. Sagar even got injured a number of times, but he always made it a point to bounce back and become better than before. He loves taking transformation challenges every year.

Sagar Arora started as a musician after school and took up sound engineering while playing drums for a band. In 2014, he joined his family business to support his father. Surprisingly, getting into traditional business was a smooth transition for him, even after being a musician for several years.

When Sagar started his fitness journey, he felt that most of the trainers across the gyms, lacked the knowledge and qualification to provide people with the support they need. He also says that 7-8 years ago, nobody cared about qualification of the trainers, as a result they imparted wrong/partial information, including knowledge about workout forms and techniques that caused injuries and nutrition advice that led to slow progress. But the trainers now are better equipped to help people.

Here, he shares his basic workout regime:

  1. I follow a basic push-pull-legs split in which I train all my muscles twice a week.
  2. A push workout includes 3-4 chest exercises, 3 delt exercises and 2 triceps exercises.
  3. A pull workout has 4 exercises for back, 2 for rear delt and 2 for biceps.
  4. My leg workout has 4-5 exercises.
  5. Besides that, I go for long runs twice a week, which help me build stamina and endurance.

Here, he shares his basic diet:

  1. My basic maintenance macros are approx 3,000 calories, comprising of 170g Protein, 300-320g Carbs and 60g Fats
  2. Breakfast: Bowl of oats, one fruit and 4 egg white with 2 whole eggs omelette
  3. Snack: Nutrition Bar
  4. Lunch: 200 grams grilled chicken breast with vegetable rice along with some cooked vegetables sometimes.
  5. Evening Snack: Peanut butter sandwich
  6. Post workout: Protein shake and apple
  7. Dinner: 150 grams grilled chicken breast, dal with some rice or 2 rotis

With his determination and hard work Sagar Arora proved that if you decide to transform, no one can stop you. His story is an example that constant efforts and perseverance can never go in vain.

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