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Run to Lose Weight before it’s Too Late

You should know all the necessary details before putting your shoes on! This article will help you to start running to be fit and lose the extra kilos that you are trying to hide behind your clothes and excuses!

Run to Lose Weight before it’s Too Late

It is your best decision if you have decided to lose your weight through running.

In today’s world we are suffering from various diseases obesity is one of them and it causes by overweight. If you want to cure it and take strict steps towards preventing its consequences then start thinking of Running.

Surprisingly most of the people think that running can help you in reducing weight. Yes, you are right! It can do it but don’t know how to start it and what things you need to take care of. 

Running is the most effective exercise to reduce weight as it burns a lot of calories in every session.

Increasing weight demotivates you and stops you from doing something amazing. If you have tried other workout programs in the gym but are still not losing weight then try running this time!

You don’t need anything extra to start running just your two legs, good pair of shoes and determination.

We are different from each other so we need to choose the training program to work with our fitness level.

Here are the pointers that the ‘real runners’ exercise.

Start Walking: If you have long term goals and wondering how to start where to start just step out of the door grab the shoes and start walking for about 15 to 20 minutes daily. Once you will familiarize with the basics then you can work more on it by expanding the time of the walking to 30 minutes to an hour.

If you will be able to make it a habit then you’re on the right track. Appreciate yourself and keep walking.

Don’t Diet: You will need more nutrition and calories as you have started burning calories through running. Your will start losing weight when you start running so do not think about diet you can achieve your targeted goal with your current diet but it doesn’t mean you will start eating anything and everything. Just make sure you are taking right nutrition in your meals.

Training Program: The training program will take you to your destination by continuing running for a specific or targeted period of time. The training program consists of interval training in which the walking and running sessions are decided according to the goal. Over a certain period of time you will reach your fitness level where you can increase your exercise’s duration and intensity.

Running Shoes: The only equipment needed for running is a good pair of shoes. Your running shoes should have flexible soles and stiff heel. Good shoes not only provide you support but also prevent you from injuries and can enhance your athletic performance.

Breathing Pattern: You should learn how to breathe from your belly it means breathe from your diaphragm. The more you inhale the more oxygen will be available for your working muscles transferred through your circulatory system.

Diaphragm breathing pattern will be better for efficient and maximal oxygen uptake than chest breathing.

You should develop a 2:2 pattern of breathing it means inhale for two footstrikes and exhale for two footstrikes. The aim of the rhythmic breathing pattern is to exhale on alternate footstrikes as you run never exhale on the same foot.

Rest: Don’t skip your rest days. No doubt running strengthens the muscles, boosts the stamina but these miles also hurt so we need to think about the rest and recovery.

Not only focus on the volume of the training and the speed recovery is equally important to become stronger and determined towards your goal.

Stay Hydrated: The best way to prepare yourself for your next running session to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration can reduce your performance and can lead you to a negative results like tiredness.

You need to drink 500ml in the first 30 minutes after you run and keep drinking every five to ten minutes until you have reached your goal.

In general we need to take the water half from food and half from fluids.  

Stretching: Make it a habit to stretch before and after every session of running. It will help you in stay flexible and active. It will not make you feel tired and soreness in muscles. Stretching for 10-15 minutes before running will eliminate the chances of running.

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