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Rosie Transformation will Push You to Change Against All Odds!

If you think your circumstances do not support you, if you think those who changed, had it all then think again! In episode-5 of Real Transformers, meet Rosie, mother of a toddler, she had all the challenges any normal woman has. She made herself fit against all odds.

Rosie lives in Canada and is a housewife. 7 years back, this was not the story as she was an independent working woman before her marriage. Her life changed radically, once she got married and became more sedentary. She started gaining weight and after the birth of her son, she realized what she was doing with her life and she has to do something to change the way she was living till now. Her health and feeling about herself have to change and life had to take a positive turn. She wanted her son to learn something from her, to live a healthy and fit life, and to become a strong person as he grows up.

Rosie tells you in the video, how this realization dawned upon her when she was at 90kg plus. The journey has been as difficult for her as it can be for you but the strength lies in being consistent and determined to change. She says that the word ‘Impossible’ itself says ‘I M possible’ and hence, nothing is impossible at least not changing the way you live to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

She manages by changing her exercise regimen, does all kinds of workouts and physical activity which she can, and keeps on changing her routine to maintain a balance. She does believe in Yoga for keeping herself fit physically and mentally and warding off lifestyle diseases and to build up strength, she does weight training as well. She includes different exercises and enjoys the benefits of all. Her diet is nutritious and very thoughtful. She says that you don’t have to put much extra effort, you just have to be extra conscious. Real transformation starts from your mind.

She started off when her son was only 3 months old. She made it a point to do 5 push-ups every time she changes the baby’s diaper. That means almost every hour, she would do 5 push-ups and this not only raised her strength but stamina as well. She gave tips to start like this by making little efforts every day and gradually, as her son grew up, her workout routine got into place. She ended up becoming fitter than she ever was and she took a resolve to stay like this whole of her life. She is leading a rewarding life with good health, a lot of stamina and is enjoying life.

She says, more than efforts it is all about discipline. Transformation is all about discipline. Once this is in place, everything else follows. She doesn’t say that you don’t look good when you are on a heavier side because a thin person not having confidence doesn’t look as good and that is a fact. Confidence is everything. If you are not feeling confident about yourself, if your body is failing you and becomes a hindrance in achieving your life-goals and dreams; it is time to change and claim back your strength and confidence. This is time, one must transform and realization must hit you if it didn’t hit you earlier.

She ends her video by giving a profound message that it is not at all easy for anyone to transform, change takes a hell lot of effort so don’t look for reasons that it was easier for others and not easy for you. You must know that everyone’s life comes with their own kind of challenges which you might have not experienced, we must respect and learn from them to grow ourselves and change for our good. So if she can change herself after becoming a mother, while looking after home and family, so can you!

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