Rohit Khatri: Transformation from a simpleton to a Fitness Influencer

You might like him or not but his achievements tell the story of a 360 degree transformation in terms of his career, his image and most importantly, his physique.

Today bodyandstrength had rendezvous with one of the best fitness transformation stories. He is a known name on YouTube - the name is Rohit Khatri and he has the best transformation story you may have ever seen!

He made videos of workout and reviews the products on his channel. His youtube journey began when he was studying in the college. It gives him immense happiness but there is also a pressure of getting more subscribers and creates relevant content for the audiences.

He has done Sports Science Nutrition course so he knows how to choose best products over thousands of products. From thousands of products he chooses to review quality product to provide right knowledge to his audiences.

Rohit’s story shows that a social media platform can be deemed as an inspiring and helpful platform to spread the knowledge to the masses.

In the starting phase, he didn’t know the way but he had a vision to engage the audiences with his content and with his hardwork and dedication he managed to target the youth.

In 2016, Rohitstarted his transformation journey with a commitment to get healthy. It was quiet difficult for him to transform as he was not able to manage his diet, workout, youtube channel and college.

He has faced a lot of criticism, got bullied but that was the high time when he found the motivation that he needed to change his life. After his transformation, people’s behaviour has changed towards him.

He kept himself motivated throughout the transformation by seeing his growth. It has taken time, it was not easy but it was possible.

Rohit has spent past 4 years to find his way to a healthy lifestyle and achieved his goals. It was not possible without his coach, his coach contributed a lot in his transformation journey.

“In India, there are few best coaches, trainers but I am fortunate enough that I met my coach who guided me, supported me in achieving my goals,” he said.

According to him, “You should put a huge focus on your diet because nutrition plays an important role in transformation. If you’ll not take the proper nutrition then transformation is impossible, only workout cannot lead you to your desired goals.”

If you want to change your lifestyle, remember that changes happen first within your mind. You have to believe in yourself and if you think you’re not capable of doing it, you’ll not make it happen.

Believe in it to make it happen!

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