Richard James, 53 and Kevin James, 23 is Equal to 100% Motivation

Father and son’s great motivational duo who inspire each other to do new things every day and progress together.

Richard James, 53 and Kevin James, 23 make a super inspirational duo. The chemistry between the two while partnering in their workout sessions motivates the viewers. Especially, the fact that if Richard can do it after starting off rather late and that also, he did it just perfect, people can now bid farewell to their excuses for not following a routine for a fit and healthy life.

As Kevin says in the interview that he got inspired after following the footsteps of his father, he is right because you understand when you step into the shoes of the other person. Richard complements Kevin and says that he prefers working out with young people as it motivates him more. As he sees his son growing in bodybuilding sport, he feels inspired.

Professionally, Richard James is an entrepreneur who deals in home textiles and furnishings, works with different times zones with various countries like Sweden, Demark, Finland, Norway and United States. Kevin has now finished his studies and has joined his father Richard in his business. So it is not only their workout and bodybuilding passion where they work together, they are very much working together in their business.

Richard used to play hockey earlier and his father was in the army, who was one of the best boxers in the army too. Richard’s son Kevin was also a basketball player who was selected to play Nationals but unfortunately, he broke his wrist. Afterwards, he took to bodybuilding sport.

Richard started taking him to the gym. Also, Kevin suffered from Appendicitis when he was in eleventh standard in school, so he couldn’t train in between. Earlier they used to train separately but now both father and son started training together, pushing each other, sharing the same passion for the bodybuilding sport. Although it is all in their genes but nothing works without hard work.

From this point, Kevin started participating in international bodybuilding competitions. Now he became world champion and secured 2nd place in junior bodybuilding. Richard participates in master category and often they travel together for the competitions. Apart from bodybuilding sport, he has now risen a stage further as the President of International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (IBFF).

The strength, willpower and optimism portrayed by the father and son duo are infectious as they assert on the fact that in this industry everyone should support and promote each other so that whole of the fitness industry can rise together. The candid and informational talk from the duo brought up many thoughts and insights into the spirit of the sport and gives a strong message on the role of mutual synergy when you share a passion or belong to the same industry.

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