Rhino’s Gym Pan India Launch at Taj Palace Hotel, Delhi

“Fitness is not about becoming fit yourself, it is about inspiring others to be fit.” – Sonu Sood at the pan India launch of Rhino’s Gym

March 2, 2019, Delhi: The launch of pan India chain of Rhino’s Gym was an event studded with fitness industry who’s who. The press meet before the event, however, remained the highlight. The meet was spearheaded by Mr. Harmeet Luthra, Managing Director of Fitline and Rhino’s Gym along with Actor and fitness icon Sonu Sood. The room was flooded with media fraternity asking questions reflecting upon the growth of fitness industry, the need of standardization, along with vision of bringing best in the class gyms across the nation in different cities by Rhino’s Gym.

Gym going population in India is rising day by day and people have actually started introspecting upon their present state of health owing to a demanding lifestyle, increasing climatic disparities. People wish to avoid their chances of getting sick, look good and feel good in a healthy sustainable manner. It was good to see that more than only branding the press-meet promoted an interaction which focused on fitness industry as a whole.

Rhino’s Gym claims to have state of the art fitness facilities complete with advanced training equipment and able trainers. Mr. Harmeet Luthra said that he wishes to play a value-added role through his Gyms in the fitter and healthier lifestyle of the people. He also talked about his experience in the fitness industry, how he has seen failures and success in the same light earlier and how he has brought all experience together to excel later. He highlighted the ground work which has gone into set up and expansion of Rhino’s Gym in India.

Actor Sonu Sood with his knowledge and passion for fitness projected the concept of fitness in front of the media in layman’s language so that everyone must understand how a fit body can balance a fit mind and which in turn inspires others to be fit. It is like exemplifying in front of people around you and motivating them enough to embrace a healthier, stronger and happier lifestyle. He said that your health is not only your health, it eventually brings happiness to your family’s health and all those who look up to you. We totally agree with Sonu on this!

The press meet was followed by formal launch event of Rhino’s Gym in the evening hours. Indian fitness fraternity flag-bearers, renowned athletes, trainers, influencers and special guests. The event was glammed up and as expected memorable, marking a new beginning for the brand.

It is said that even if you are doing a business with sincerity and passion, you are adding to the betterment of society by creating opportunities, improving the life of people with your services and most of all inspiring others with positive mind-set, being a part of the synergy which holds an industry together. For the masses, the take back lesson is –‘Investing in your fitness is the best investment anyone can do in today’s date’.

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