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Revealing 4 Biggest Nutrition Myths About Weight Loss

Weight-loss is one of the most desired wishes for almost every other person. In the fast running world humans are found sitting more than doing any physical work. It is the reason why obesity is making its place more easily than ever. To fight obesity, people tend to believe many myths which actually are not entirely true or may be wrong. Let us look at the biggest 4 nutrition myths people have regarding weight-loss through this article.

Revealing 4 Biggest Nutrition Myths About Weight Loss

All social media platforms, movies, television have made its very impactful impression over us. Knowingly and sometimes unknowingly we are following the things which are shown there. We tend to believe that everything shown in the movies, dramas and on social media is true, but we forget that almost everything shown available online is not authenticated. Today we will list 4 of the biggest nutrition myths about weight-loss which can be an eye-opener to us.

1. Breakfast is the king of all meals

We have always taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it cannot be taken lightly. This is the biggest myth of all about nutrition because researchers have found that breakfast may not be that important in everyone’s case. National Institutes of health research has found that skipping breakfast may be helpful in reducing calories while weight-loss. Eating breakfast have advantages but skipping it also have some advantages so, it is up to us what we want.

2. Only intake of calories matters in weight-loss

It has become fashion to skip food that contains high calories. It may be goodbut it is not the only way to lose weight. The myth is that if we are putting check on our daily calories intake then it can lead to weight-loss but this is not entirely true. It is effective in weight-loss but at very minimal level because there are many other factors like hormonal imbalance, genetics, certain medicines are also important to take into consideration.

3. Non – Nutritive sweetners (NNS) are good and healthy

Everyone is becoming more cautious about what to eat or what not to eat. And the rising interest of people in calories intake has led to use of sugar-free food or non-nutritive sweetners (NNS). It is totally a myth that NNS is healthy for us. It is true that excess of sugar intake can increase the risk of disease but it is same in the case of NNS. Intake of NNS can also make us vulnerable to diabetes by leading to negative shifts in gut bacteria.

4. Diet food is healthy

The trend of having diet food, low fat food or light food is spiking every day. In fact, now we can find the packets of products labelled as diet food or light food very often. It is increasing because we think that these are healthy alternatives but they are very unhealthy. It has been found that the quantity of added sugar and salt are much more in these foods than regular one.

The trend of weight-loss has become very usual in almost every corner of the world. To do so we are doing every sort of things to know how to do weight-loss with the help of changing our nutrition regime. It brings many myths too with the solution. We’ve listed few of the myths here which may help you in understanding that you must do proper research and consult your dietician before falling for any myths related to your diet. This will definitely refrain you from getting any sort of problems and may lead you to know more correctly abut a particular matter.

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