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Reasons Behind Rising Popularity of MMA

With the increasing popularity of the MMA, we should take care of our health and safety measures of the sport. Don’t worry, despite of the bloody face it is safer than other combat sports.

Reasons Behind Rising Popularity of MMA

The bloody face &violence makes the viewers to think that is the most dangerous sport on the planet. Despite of the blood and violence it is safer than other sports.

MMA portrays as a violent and dangerous sport. The majority of the people think that it is one of the dangerous sport that’s why parents easily don’t allow their children to take up this sport. But it is growing fast and recognition in the sports industry.

MMA looks very dangerous! It is more than thatclasses are fun, entertaining, last but not the least they consist very intense workout.

MMA is much safer than the other games like boxing in terms of the severe injuries. Boxing ranks as the most dangerous sport in which boxers experience the severe injuries like cuts and bruises, concussion, dislocated shoulder, head injury, eye damage and other severe injuries.

It is a combat sport which includes various fighting styles such as kicking, punching and wrestling moves also.

MMA is the safe alternative sport in the fight sports as it’s increasing in popularity and visibility whether it is International or National level.

Over the past few years, it is getting the attention of the viewers. Ultimate Fighting League (UFC) have emerged as a fierce competition and it’s very popular among the combat sports lovers.

In MMA, fighting stars are also winning the heart of the audience and stars like Bharat Khandare, Kultar Gill, Alan Fenandes, many more. 

Facts on Safety in MMA

Strict Safety Rules: In MMA everything is not allowed the strict rules were formulated to maintain the grace of the sport. In all sports safety rules are formed to regulate the procedure of the game. Here are some strict rules that are followed in the MMA sport-

  • No strike to the back of the head
  • No small-joint manipulations
  • No hair pulling, no putting fingers in the mouth and pulling the face
  • No kick on the head of the downward opponent
  • Must stop the match on the tapping on the opponent’s body or on the ground or player can verbally announce
  • Determine the time of the rounds

Serious Injuries: Fighters of MMA sports are likely to attain the less severe injuries than other sports like ice hockey, boxing, football, etc.

  • MMA fighters train approximately 12 to 15 sessions per week but 1-3 bouts per year. The physical health should be perfect so according to this every player has enough time for rest and training between each bout.
  • MMA fighters are examine by the professional doctors before, during and after each bout. If any player find injured that will prohibit from the rest of the competition. If during the competition any player will have any injury and health problem the athlete will not be allowed to continue the match.

Foundation of MMA: It is the unique combination of techniques and rules. The techniques and rules were adopted from the established Olympic sports – boxing, wrestling, freestyle wrestling, judo and taekwondo.

In MMA, players are not trained for hurting each other. Trust me! Safety and self-protection are the top priorities in the MMA training.

In MMA, players are taught only not to take care of their injuries but the opponent’s injuries also. Anger and violence cannot lead you to victory, only techniques and patience can lead you to it. Show your good sportsmanship quality and play intelligently.

MMA demands the great physical fitness as it consists of other sports’ techniques.

Its is internationally popular still growing nationally and developing a good fan base who support the game unconditionally as well as we can hope for the inclusion of the sport in the Olympics.

With the increasing number of super fighters and audiences steadily, it seems to become the breakthrough sport of the millennium.

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