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Mitushi Ajmera's Journey From 87 KG to 58 KG - Episode 1

Mitushi Ajmera is an ISSA certified Fitness Coach. She is also a sports nutritionist. She is EREPS registered Pilate instructor as well. In this video she shares her journey from an 87 kg mother of two to a 40 plus year old model in this video.

Mitushi opens up a profound journey which she proudly looks back in this video. She started her transformation journey when she was 34 years old. She reached her goal with consistent and informed efforts. She tells that losing weight was never that much of a challenge with her earlier when her first son was born because she was slim in stature earlier. But it was after the birth of her second son that she realized that it is now going to be very difficult for her.

She crossed many road-blocks like a slip-disc, injured shoulder and fighting back up from chikungunya. When she started, at first, she just cut off calories randomly, and exercised without thinking much which resulted in her getting injured. This was the time when she thought about how important it is to be informed and act in an organized manner, how important it is to know your body before just subjecting it to anything in the name of dieting or exercising.

She then decided to get fitter with apt knowledge. She became a certified fitness coach and nutritionist in the coming time. To recover well after one of her injuries, she tried out pilate and found this exercise form really helpful in helping her getting fit in real terms. She started to understand her body. She felt that others can also benefit from pilate and hence, she became a pilate instructor. She started taking pilate classes.

She is very organized when it comes to time management. Whatever spare 2 hours she gets in the day, she dedicates it to her exercise. She doesn’t have fixed time for exercising and hence, exercises any available time in the day, which she ascertains a day before. She takes care of her meals and makes sure that she eats at time according to her time-table.

Mitushi put it right that her achievements include her journey from an 87kg mother of two to 58kg model and pilate instructor. She trains her clients from her office in Gurgaon. She trains online as well. She says that her achievement lies in her starting off again and picking up a career at the age of 34. As an instructor, her achievement lies in her client’s success in getting in shape, getting fit and recovering from similar injuries which she once had. Watch full video to know her story as she exuberantly runs a flash back of all the efforts she has put it till now. It is time to be inspired!

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