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Re-inventing Muscle Building: Online Training Reality Check!

Not able to hit the gym? Well, that is not the end of the world! Perk up your knowledge of merits and demerits of online training and use it to the best of its capacity to pull yourself back in shape, or preserve your muscle mass. Read this article by Anthony Cardoz to know more.

Re-inventing Muscle Building: Online Training Reality Check!

Since March to date we all are stuck at home and though gyms are opening soon, many of us either won't hit the gym because we are addicted to Netflix or we are scared that we might get infected by the virus!

Probably all of the people who are in best shape or better, I say, have been in best shape have lost all their muscles. If not completely then to some extent we all have. No matter what.

What we can do to keep our muscle mass and all those hard earned muscles? The people who have been training for long has something called muscle memory so these people can get back in shape within a month or two of joining the gym but what about the people who started recently and was just losing those extra pounds?

One way is to do an online training session but what about the efficacy of it?

Well let me give you some pros and cons about it:

Online Training Pros

1) People who have a bad form and technique, can get  help of an expert via online training

2) You can get guidance from YouTube but what about the form and technique correction and step by step guidance?

3) To some extent it can be motivating to train under someone who is an expert

4) A good trainer can help you to modify the exercises as per your injuries, which you had in past or having at present

5) It can become a routine because there will be someone who will always push you for the training in the time of crisis where our mind is finding leisure and comfort

6) It can't be as good as one on one, training face to face on gym floor but still it is good to do something than to do nothing and undergo complete detraining

We saw some pros of online training now what about the cons?

Online Training Cons

1) While training there, you can encounter a lot of interruptions. What about the people who don't have a separate room for training?

2) Network issues, internet issues can sometimes make it difficult to conduct an online session

3) Both the client and trainer should have a good space to demonstrate and perform exercises properly!

4) We can't have all the equipment at home so it becomes impossible to train for muscle gain because of lack weight to progressive overload the training

5) So even if a client has a gym like setup at a home, a client cannot perform to his/her max capacity due to safety issues for example - a person in the gym can try 1 or 2 more reps beyond his/her limit because incase he/she fails the trainer can help to get the weight down or rack the weight

6) While training at home, if some incident happens, the client is at high risk because he/she can't do anything about it for example a client faints due to fatigue or gets injured he/she can't get immediate medical help. In gym, someone can help the person with the first aid kit or rush him/her to nearby medical center immediately

So is it like we should stop training completely because of all these problems? Well, the answer is absolutely NO! We should try and perform simple easy exercises. Of course hiring a personal trainer even on online training can be of a great help though the efficacy won't be as great as one on one session but still something is better than nothing. Also, the people who are completely new should definitely hire a personal trainer and go for online training sessions so they can avoid unnecessary injuries which can happen even with the most common exercises like squat and pushups, if performed in a wrong manner. If not muscle mass, it can help intermediate and advance level people to build up endurance. So people who can train on their own, can at least opt for a proper periodized workout plans to get maximum benefits and avoid overtraining. Getting a diet plan along with a program or training can be like a cherry on the cake! So follow these steps to get back in shape or to get in better shape, or to preserve as much muscle mass as possible for those who are already in great shape. Hit the gym once it re-opens and once you feel it is safe to join it again! Till then, train safe, meditate, follow diet, stay safe!

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