Ravi Pawar: A Teacher and A Successful Bodybuilder

It’s interesting to know what thing separates him from others.

I am Ravi Pawar, a 29 year-old from Delhi. I am a teacher by profession and fitness enthusiast by choice. I have always been into sports and it was something that gave definition and direction to my life. Bodybuilding is something that inspires me to do new things and take challenges in terms of physical as well as mental strength.

I had a dream to represent my country at International level like every other bodybuilder but something is there that separates me from the thousands of other bodybuilders because I want to fulfill my dream through my students and hence I am working towards it by educating them.

I believe in becoming passionate about your objectives and learning everything that it takes to fulfill your dream.

In January 2018, I started working out and I knew that the road ahead would be extremely difficult but I leveraged my desires and trained many hours a day, teaching students to achieve my objectives and working relentlessly to achieve it.

It was tough for me to manage school and rigorous workouts, I felt like giving up too but my goal was always in back of my mind, it reminded me why I started this!

I have a fire in me that cannot stop me from training harder everyday to make my dreams a reality. I utilized all my aggressiveness and anger in training and I finally won 9 times Mr. Delhi, Mr. India IBFF Championship and other numerous competitions.

I workout 3 hours a day and then I go to school where I work for 7 hours.

Now my ultimate aim is to win Olympia Pro Card, I want to make my country and family take pride in my achievements.

I believe in hard work, there’s no substitute of it. Many youngsters look up to me and want to be like me, it’s the biggest achievement for me to inspire the youth and give them a direction. Nothing is impossible in this world if you love your goal with all of your heart and work towards it, no one can stop you to achieve it. 


  • Competition Days
    1. 6 scoops of protein divided into 2-2-2 after every 4 hours
    2. 30 boiled eggs divided by 5-8 in 4 meals
    3. Half Kg boiled chicken in Dinner
    4. One lime Juice (no carbs-salt-sugar) before one week of competition
  • Normal Days
    1. First meal: Masala Oats and protein scoop with dry fruits in breakfast
    2. Second meal: 5 boiled eggs with one lime and apple
    3. Third meal: Rice with curd and 5 boiled eggs
    4. Fourth meal: One scoop of protein before exercise (Before exercise)
    5. Fifth meal: Some amount of carbs with protein scoop (After exercise)
    6. Sixth meal: Dinner 250 gram grilled chicken and Papaya


  • 6 times Mr. Delhi in Men’s Physique and 6 times Overall Champion
  • 2 times Mr. India in Men’s Physique and Overall Championship
  • India in Men’s Physique and Bodybuilding
  • Haryana 2019
  • Asia 2019 Overall Champion

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