Rani Rampal Leads India’s Women Hockey to its Third Olympics

After beating USA 6-5 aggregate, Indian women’s hockey team has booked its place in next year’s Olympic Games. Indian women hockey team participated in the 1980 Moscow Olympics earlier and after long 36 years, appeared again in Rio. For the third time, they will be playing in Tokyo.

Rani Rampal Leads India’s Women Hockey to its Third Olympics

The good news hails from Bhubaneswar, as Indian women’s team sealed its participation in Olympics 2020 there. Fifth minute, India was 0 and USA was on 1. Fourteenth minute also, India was on a 0 while USA had 2. Twentieth minute, India remained on 0 while USA moved further with 3! Twentieth minute, no change as India still was on 0 and USA on 4. Aggregate scores levelled. Indian women were ahead by 4 goals after winning the first half of the second here at the Kalinga Stadium. 24 hours later, forty ninth minute, Rani Rampal waits impatiently at the top of the American Circle, waving and crying for the ball, it comes while the skipper takes the decisive aim and there we get a magnanimous GOAL! India eventually, gathered the number of goals needed to take them to the Olympics next year.

Indian women were seen rejoicing in a contained manner as although they bagged the opportunity to be Olympians once again but they still did lose the match to USA. USA won 4-1 but India won the two-match tie 6-5 on aggregate. It is a game which Indian women hockey team shall remember for the goal achieved rather than the quality of game delivered.


USA women hockey was such as if Indian team wasn’t there to play in the second half! They closed in on the Indian players like hawks for the ball almost everywhere on the field and Indian fans’ excitement fell to none after the 4th goal by them. It was Rani who earned India’s ticket to Tokyo in the end with her one and final goal for the match! A commendable game put up by the USA team and the ladies couldn’t believe that they did what they came for, defeated Indian team. Still, it was India’s moment, as Indian women hockey team qualified for 2020 Olympics on their aggregate score. Congratulations and all the best to the Indian team because this is not the end of the battle but the beginning. They need to put more power to their game to come out with flying colors next year.

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