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Rajendra Dhole: Transformation Begins Inside the Body

Episode – 2 of Team Eugenics – The Inside Story series features Rajendra Dhole, a celebrity/fitness trainer. He spills the beans behind successful transformations in this video. Watch the episode to know more.

Rajendra Dhole is a fitness trainer who has trained normal clients as well as celebrities to attain a physique to reckon with. He begins his address to the audience by demonstrating a few exercises of his own routine in the day which goes as follows:

Lateral Raise (3 Sets X 10 Reps)

This exercise targets your shoulder muscles that is small muscles groups at the back of your shoulders and should be done in a correct form to have the maximum effect.

Single Arm Overhead Press (3 Sets X 10 Reps)

This exercise increases strength primarily in shoulders and good for anterior core and obliques as well. Here again, while doing single arm overhead press the form and steadiness of the core matters.

Dumbbell Upright Rows (3 Sets X 10 Reps)

This exercise targets shoulders when you pull dumbbells vertically to the shoulder height in front of your body. A powerful shoulder strengthening exercise, needs to be done without swinging the body and using only shoulder strength for the pulls.

How to begin transformation?

Rajendra Dhole reveals that a transformation first begins from inside and then it is seen outside the body. This means that first you have to prepare you mind, set your mind to transform in a positive, consistent manner and then your body automatically becomes acquainted to the new routine, starts responding to your effort for a healthier, fitter and stronger you. So to begin, set your mind to it.

The secret behind his clients’ successful transformations

When it comes to transformations, he fondly remembers two names out of his several clients who respond very well to the training regimen. First is Ayush Sharma, who is brother-in-law of Bollywood actor Salman Khan and another name is of AkashBhatija who is an actor. He said that both of them have a different time schedule – one is an early riser while the other sleeps late at night. Irrespective of their schedule, they manage their training and nutrition very well and are committed to their fitness routine. Clients like them form an example to follow, he says. He said that he has learnt the lesson that everyone has 24 hours in a day, how do you manage your time to prioritize your fitness depends entirely on you and your will power.

Role of nutrition and supplementation

For achieving fitness goals, good nutrition and good supplementation both have their own role. Good thing is that our body can’t differentiate between the protein or protein sources normally. It can derive its portion of protein from milk, eggs or legumes whatever you intake frequently in the same manner. But if you are looking at a specific transformation you need to top up or increase your protein intake, which most of the time isn’t possible from normal food intake owing to a busy schedule. In this case, quality protein intake like that of Eugenics Nutrition helps cope with increased need of protein.

Supplementation for vegetarians

When it comes to vegetarians, it is all the more difficult if they are thinking of transforming their bodies. They need a quality whey protein so that their muscle growth is well-supported and their hard work shows the required result. Now, when the market is swarming with protein supplementation products finding a reliable protein supplement becomes difficult. But Rajendra Dhole has a reliable quality protein which has been a partner in his own journey – Eugenics Nutrition, he is seen having that in the video.

In his message to the people who wish to start their transformation journey is that you must start from today and start from now. Do not wait for another day because if not now then you can’t do it ever.

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