Rajendra Dhole – The ‘Tiger’ Trainer

Rajendra Dhole prefers to be called a Fitness Trainer instead of a celebrity trainer. But truth is that trainers are the true celebrities who give direction and shape to an individual’s fitness journey. Rajendra’s interview with bodyandstrength.com gives you a peek into his life and choices.

Rajedra Dhole begins by introducing himself as a humble and hardworking fitness trainer. We were never doubtful regarding the same since the time bodyandstrength.com started interacting with him! He has been busy most of the daytime and could only get to talk to us in the end of the day.

Rajendra tells that his personal journey with fitness started when he was 21 and then he never looked back. Initially, like most of the fitness lovers, the reason which drove him to this path was to get himself into shape. He says that he was an obese and plump guy and wished to shed some extra weight initially. As he progressed to lose weight, he started enjoying the process and kept training hard to build an enviable physique.

His first introduction to the world of fitness was through K11 Academy and he profoundly thanks Mr. Kaizzad Capadia for what he is today. Rajendra says that the biggest inspiration or motivation he got was from himself. When he looked into the mirror, he didn’t feel happy about himself and he wished to change it with more intensity. That kept inspiring him to perform better and learn more in this field.

Rajendra has been training celebrities and non-celebrities at a time and never had any problems as far as the number of clients is concerned. But the major challenge which he faced was to convince his clients to be consistent. In fitness being consistent and persistent is the key to good transformation and it is not only about transforming, it also about maintaining the healthy and fit lifestyle, sustaining the fruit of your hardwork. Mostly, people forget the importance of being consistent, which is the major setback in their progress.

He loves to call himself a fitness trainer and not a celebrity trainer. He says insistently that he is fitness trainer who happens to train celebrities like Tiger Shroff, Manish Paul, Urvashi Rautela and a few more. When bodyandstrength.com met Rajendra Dhole, he was in the process of training Tiger Shroff on a regular basis. He trains everyone with the same intensity and passion with the right knowledge, telling them that consistency is the key element to evolve into something better in life.

He does some substantial talk on supplementation, specifically, the brand – Eugenics Nutrition which he personally consumes and recommends to the people given the authentic Indian product which is effective in terms of performance delivery when people workout.

To know more about Rajendra Dhole, watch the video above.

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