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QNT India salutes Strength, Honoring Champion - Dr. Shruti Gora

In the testing times like COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, our frontline warriors like medics and paramedics, cleanliness staff, police and defense officials have provided us with a protective cover. This article honors one such champion, Dr. Shruti Gora, CMO (Ministry of Ayush). Watch her story and message she has to relay in these video.

When pandemic struck whole of the world, the most affected industry was hospital and medical industry because people working there had to risk almost everything, themselves, their families to protect and care for others fighting this deadly disease. Many of the medical staff in India also got affected. But not even one of them gave up on their duties and kept themselves motivated in the face of all adversaries.

Dr. Shruti Gora has been one of them. She takes care of the department of homoeopathy, is a mother of two children, has a family to look after and a profession which supersedes her priorities. Whole of the doctors and staff under Ministry of Ayush, India, were provided with special training to diagnose and contain the disease. Hence, becoming the frontline warriors in these testing times. Dr. Shruti Gora informed that there was no lockdown for them and they were constantly posted in OPD’s and overseeing testing procedures, providing care to people with mild symptoms at times.

The disease took everyone by surprise. No one in the world was prepared for it. She was no exception. Her life too was affected but what took the front seat in her mind was to care for others in these testing times. She said that there was an environment of the fear of the unknown still she carried on each day, one day at a time. She kept away from her children and family in the beginning. Now, she lives with family, still observes guidelines so that her family stays safe too.

Dr. Shruti says that we must not take this disease for granted. Right now RT-PCR test for COVID also is found to be only up to 70% accurate and that means 30% of the people might have got false positives or negatives for that matter. She stresses on the gravity of the situation and asks each one of us to change our lifestyles. Exercise more, meditate more, maintain social distance and hand hygiene no matter what. Of course, having good immunity helps and we have to take care of our nutrition as much as possible in order to boost healthy immune system.

Because of onset of winters and changing season, all other viral and bacterial infections are on the rampage apart from COVID. It has been a challenge for whole of the medical system in India to care for non-COVID patients and handle other non-COVID emergencies. But they have been managing things to the brim of their capacity and will keep on doing so because she considers it her line of duty and all the risks medical people are subjected are just part of their job.

Dr. Shruti Gora has been into the system from about 15 plus years and has handled several challenges but COVID-19 has been the fiercest of them all. She and many like her are still battling day in and day out to fight off this situation and provide relief to those who are suffering. They all are doing whatever they can and now, it is our duty to support these champions by being more considerate, more careful, more active and more aware. We all have to observe the standard guidelines strictly and work towards upgrading our immunity so that we all can help ourselves and others when the need arises. QNT India, the premium supplement brand and entire nation salutes such champions!

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    Great warriors, we must salute her for such fantastic work and dedication toward humanity.

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