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QNT: Because Building Champions is Not Easy!

QNT (Quality Nutrition Technology) – as the name suggests, it is all about quality and there is hardly any nutrition brand that doesn’t claim it. But this one has proved it with its special consumer list time and again. When it comes to quality, QNT doesn’t compromise on standards at all, be it India or abroad.

QNT: Because Building Champions is Not Easy!

QNT Sport India has got over 28 broad categories of products and under them, the variants they offer are very thoughtful based on research. They cater to the need of every kind of body from bodybuilding athletes to sports athletes to common people following a fitness regimen to the people who are not able to derive daily nutrition from the food they are taking day in and day out. From women to adolescents - there is interesting product line which have tasteful, healthy and useful supplements. 

From protein (blend, isolate, bars) to vitamins to minerals to BCAA to Casein – you name it and QNT has got high quality tested products for you. What definitely sets QNT apart from other brands, however, is its isolate protein – Metapure which comes in 11 flavors, is easily soluble and gets easily digested. Till now people have been struggling with protein which has been hard on their guts but Metapure surely brings a tasty solution to this problem.

Metapure has been getting rave reviews and hence, became one of QNT’s ace products in the global market and now Indian market as well. QNT Sport Metapure won the award for Quality Isolate Protein Brand at 5th Grand Edition of Nutrition & Wellness Awards 2019 held on December 7th at Hotel Orchid Mumbai. Metapure as the protein brand of QNT has earned credibility in the market and is going strong.

According to QNT team in India, Metapure is an exclusive isolate protein brand and hence, there is a dedicated loyal segment of fitness community who make the prime consumer base of this particular product brand. People can buy Metapure and choose from the other exciting range of QNT products on QNT Sport India’s website. The brand keeps running offers for its consumers. Good thing is that with good quality product you can avail them too.

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