PV Sindhu's Recent Post Says, "I RETIRE"

PV Sindhu shakes up people on reckless attitude towards pandemic with a Hard-hitting tweet on Monday titled "I RETIRE"

PV Sindhu's Recent Post Says, "I RETIRE"

November 2, 2020: PV Sindhu sent tremors down the social media with her social media post titled - Denmark Open was the Final Straw, I RETIRE!

The badminton star's post sounded like an announcement which was shocking as well as intimidating for the nation. But it was only for the people who wouldn't want to read further or were too shocked to investigate the whole post.

Well, good news is that this Indian sports Diva is not retiring anytime soon. She wanted people to pay attention to her message more seriously as the world is crushed under a pandemic ruthlessly. She said that we can't deal with this situation with our careless attitude. We have to rinse out all negativity from life, prepare for a future and take care of all guidelines.

She gave a message that extreme circumstances need extreme measures to be tackled. Her post was indeed an extreme measure to shake the people up, sit up and take notice. She made it a point that people not only pay attention but register her message well.

As the twitter busted open with her post, the rumor started spreading like a wildfire and her post was shared and people even started grieving on her early or shall we say 'super early' retirement announcement!

It is time that we douse this fire and settle down to think that what prompted our badminton superstar to jolt us on social media like this. It is need of the hour to understand how she intended to positively influence her fans. It was her way to be heard seriously for a better future as a human race together.

We appreciate your approach and your message PV Sindhu. We know what it takes to muster determination like yours day in and day out on a position like yours, especially, in these trying times. We shall all 'Retire' from negativity with PV Sindhu today itself! This retirement is worth it.

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