Protein Rich Diet for Vegans

Vegans who run into confusion and keep wondering how to get enough protein from their diet, especially, those who are following a fitness routine; this article is meant for you!

Protein Rich Diet for Vegans

Along with the advances in diet patterns and evolution of our lives, our diet patterns are also changing according to our culture, habits and religious practices. When we talk about bodybuilding, we need protein to bulk up our muscles. Protein being the building block of our muscles stands as one of the important macronutrient of our diet.

Veganism apart from the other diets supports eating of plant and plant based foods. They basically, do not consume any of animal products like milk, meat etc.

Also, one of the major confusions among us is that there are no complete protein sources for vegans but this is a basic confusion where we count amino acid profiles for individual foods but when we eat a complete meal, there is a good sufficiency of the complete amino acid profiles.

So let us find some of the vegan foods that are also a high source of protein:

1) Soy and Soy products

Soyabean are available in various forms like in Soy chunks and soy products are available in a greater variety with their protein contents like Tofu  (16gms/100gms), Tempeh (13gms/100gms), Soy flour(38gms/100gms), Soy cheese (3gms/slice) etc.

2) Pulses

Pulses are a rich protein source among veganism which approximately consists Dal (9% protein content),Moong (24gms/100gms), and various pulses also legumes consists of Chickpeas (21gm/100gms), Peas (5gm/100gms), Lentils (9gm/100gms), Kidney beans i.e.Rajma (5.5gms/100gms), etc. in our daily kitchen ingredient list which has their protein contents in brackets approximately

3)         Nuts and Seeds

Nuts are a good source of protein and also a good source of naturally available healthy fats and Omega 3. Among Nuts, Peanuts (25 gms/ 100gms), Almonds (22gms/100gms), Walnuts (16gms/100gms) and Cashews (19gms/100gms) stands as an ideal source of protein.

Seeds also stands as a good source of protein for vegans which includes Chia seeds (17gms/100gms), Flax seeds (30gms/100gms), Quinoa (14gms/100gms) which is a healthy alternative to cereals and rice in breakfast and lunch and can also be used as a filling food in hunger which is also a source of complete amino acid profile.

4) Vegetables

Rich source of protein among vegetables comprises of Broccoli: 4gms/100 gms, White Mushrooms: 4gms/100 gms, Sweet Corn: 3gms100 gms, Artichokes: 3gms/100 gms, Spinach: 3gms/100gms, Parsley: 3gms/100 gms. Also these vegetables are a pool of micronutrients and high antioxidant quantity.

5) Supplements

Several supplements are also available which include several sources like Soy protein, Pea protein, Plant protein etc.

6) Almond Milk, Soya milk

For the vegan diet, Milk from cattle are not consumed, so the best source of milk is from the sources like Soybeans which contain an average protein amount of (7gms/8 ounce), Almonds which contain an average protein amount of (1gm/250ml), Rice (2gms/8ounces) and coconut which contain an average protein amount of (2gms/100gms).

With these, Vegan diet can sufficiently comprise good quality protein sources.

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