Protein Myths that are Messing with Your Diet by Dr. Chirag Sethi

Dr Chirag Sethi revealed the protein myths on which many people still believe!

Dr. Chirag Sethi, Founder and Managing Director of Classic Fitness Academy, debunks the most prevalent protein myths which are ruling our psyche for a long time now. If you have been thinking that all proteins are the same then you can be grossly wrong. Dr. Chirag clarifies the difference between protein derived from plants and animal protein. Get into the facts with numbers, values, amino acids and protein efficiency ratios here and you will know that you have been thinking wrong all this while.

If you have been thinking that ‘high protein’ diet will damage your kidneys then you are actually indulging into ‘imagining’ a hypothesis which has absolutely no scientific proof. He enlightens how proteins have nothing to do with kidney damage or liver damage and what doctors say about the condition. According to the recent reports and studies, 80% of Indians are deficient in protein and hence, we must have a good protein rich diet and there is absolutely no problem one could get because of proteins in a balanced meal. 

He tells you how in India there is no such thing as ‘high’ protein. He explains how supplements are not any kind of tonic or medicine which will boost your physical health and fitness in a few days or a short duration, so one must not get mislead by the claims anyone makes regarding supplement performance because you perform and not the supplements. Instead they are just food and whatever nutrient falls short of food can be had through prescribed supplementation. In fitness industry, most of the supplements are proteins and he lets you know what exactly they are made of.

As Dr. Chirag Sethi puts it, we better know it:

  1. All proteins are not the same: Plant protein is not equal to animal based protein
  2. Vegetarians need not become non-vegetarians to have more protein: Combine grains and beans
  3. Does high-protein diet cause kidney damage, liver damage or lipid profile: No
  4. There is nothing called ‘high’ protein diet: Most of Indian people are deficient in protein
  5. Pre VS post workout protein: There is no such rule. Take half of it before and other half after
  6. Ketogenic diets are high-protein ones: No. They concentrate more on fats not protein
  7. Protein powders: It is actually the protein extracted from milk and is NOT harmful throws light at one of the most important topics of dilemma in the Indian fitness industry, wrapped up in assumptions and unreasonable orthodox beliefs – Protein.  

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