Promising Bodybuilding Athlete and Entrepreneur: Vishal Chaudhary

This athlete coverage features Vishal Chaudhary where he tells about his achievements, his time management, workout and diet. Read further to know more.

Promising Bodybuilding Athlete and Entrepreneur: Vishal Chaudhary

My name is Vishal Chaudhary and I am a Men’s Physique athlete.

Being a professional fitness athlete, most of the athletes do opt for a career that can sustain their living, so did I. Since fitness is my passion, I started my own gym and run it. Managing my own business and preparing for my sport is a bit challenging but since, my business complements my passion for fitness, I am able to manage my time.

I wake up at 5 o’ clock every morning. Then I train people till 11am and get back to my work again at 5pm. I work at my gym and look after it till 10pm until it closes for the day. Every morning I prepare may meals according to my diet for the day myself and carry the same to my gym so that I can eat whenever I get time in between.

This is my basic lifestyle is the same as any other dedicated athlete’s. The only difference lies is to train according to the needs of your own body because each body is different, metabolism is different. I am a non-vegetarian and hence, my diet make-up includes chicken and eggs the most for natural protein sourcing and healthy fats.

The first championship in which I won was Delhi state championship in 2018 and after that, I got a boost to do it even better on stage. Hence, I went on to win a few more. I aim at doing it better every time on-stage irrespective of winning or not, I am growing every day in this sport and the journey is going on.


Silver medal in Delhi state championship in November 2018

Gold medal in Uttar Pradesh state championship in December 2018

5th place in Boss Classic championship Chandigarh (Overall)in December 2018

Gold medal in Haryana state championship in April 2019

Basic Workout

I usually train 2 body parts a day which consume atleast 2 hours also include 20 minutes of cardio.

Basic Diet

I am totally dependent on high-protein sources like chicken, eggs and whey protein. I prefer low carb diet and healthy fats.

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