Pregnancy in Quarantine! – by Jinnie Gogia Chugh

Imagine being pregnant and being locked down! During pregnancy, your body and immune system is undergoing a lot of changes and staying fit during lockdown when you have limited access to doctor is difficult. Jinnie Gogia Chugh gives you tips to tide over this time.

Pregnancy in Quarantine! – by Jinnie Gogia Chugh

Pregnancy, one of the most sacred and awaited time for womanhood. Bringing up another life, is in itself a very beautiful feeling. But yes, in today’s time with the stress, millennial living and the lifestyle, it has its own complications.

Fitness in pregnancy is all the more paramount. Throughout the 9 months, while that little life is growing inside you, it is imperative to be active and stay positive.

Life in quarantine has been tough for many. The world has come to a standstill, with the lockdown and restrictions that no one could have imagined ever. This is all the more tough for the pregnant women, who already are going through a strange stress during this time.

Women tend to become very vulnerable, and sensitive during this time, and with the uncertainty that prevails, even the visits to the doctors are seemingly difficult. Women in their pregnancy need to be careful and stay as much active as their condition permits.

Pregnancy and Fitness

As much as one wishes to stay healthy and try to make the best of the available sources to have a healthy pregnancy, it is important to stay active. And in this time of Quarantine, when you don’t have any access to the outside world, things can be really stressful.

Maybe these tips could be of help:

  • Stay Active: Walk around the house, take a few steps after each meal.
  • Stay Hydrated: It is extremely important to be hydrated, this will also help the bowel movements as most women complain of constipation during this time. Also, this will ensure a smooth delivery.
  • Nutrition: Nutrition plays a major role in pregnancy and the health of the mother and baby is well taken care of by the right nutrition. Do not skip multi-vitamins and minerals prescribed by your doctor at this time.
  • Eating Right: Eating well is essential but eating right is more essential. Pregnancy comes with its share of mood swings, and some strange food cravings. While at one point of time you may not want to gulp a morsel down, there will be days when you would crave for a sumptuous meal. But go easy. Eat healthy, nutritious food, that will help the child to grow healthy inside the womb.

  • Choose Right: As this time you can not easily visit a doctor, you must be self-sufficient and prepared to handle your basic issues with health, especially your stomach and digestion. Have food that is easy to digest and ensure that you have a lot of fiber in your diet. Have a healthy dose of fruits, cereals, lentils and salads. Also, include some dry fruits in your daily intake of food.
  • Foods to Avoid: Avoid foods that cause acidity, or the food items that can cause you allergy or that you are aware would not suit you much.
  • Avoid Medicines: Avoid any kind of medicines or painkillers that have not been prescribed to you during this time. Remember that there is limited access to doctors and medical help, in case of an emergency, so it is best to avoid anything that may cause you unrequired complications.
  • Exercise: Yes, you got that right, do mild floor exercises, and be very gentle, simply choose the exercise depending on your present condition.

Don’t lift weights or indulge in anything that could cause an injury. The back and spine have to be strong.

Stretching Exercises: Simple stretching exercises are a must during pregnancy. Whichever trimester you are in, choose the stretching exercises for yourself, and follow them religiously.

Breathing Exercises: Take deep breaths and focus on your breathing at least for 10-15 minutes a day.

  • Meditation: Anxiety and depression is a common phase at this time. Boredom is striking even to the normal people, and the pregnant women are all the more affected by it. Spend a few minutes in meditation everyday. This will help you calm down.
  • Have Faith: Last but not the least, have faith, and be at peace with yourself. Creating any sort of panic will not yield to anything. Certain discomforts are natural, but creating a panic for no reason, will only make it unpleasant for yourself, and others around you.

Make a Routine

Wake up in time, and have a routine for yourself so that you don’t feel mundane. It is best to stay away from all the news and especially the fake news and misery that is spreading all around. What is best for you and your baby is to be positive and happy. We cannot have control over the situation outside, but we can definitely try and find solace amongst ourselves.

Use social media to connect to your friends and family but avoid news of violence and disease as it generally has a very negative impact on one’s mind and health.

During pregnancy mind plays a greater role in preparing the body for giving birth to a new life and hence, you have to stay fit physically and strong mentally. Remember that you are going to give birth to a wonderful and healthy baby!

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