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Pradeep Bhatia’s Ripped Workout Routine

Celebrity Trainer Pradeep Bhatia has trained many celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Diljeet, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta, and many more. He trains them according to the demand of the frame they wish and role they are about to do. In this video, he shared back workout supersets to get that raging rip!

Pradeep Bhatia starts by introducing himself as a celebrity trainer who basically belongs to Delhi but resides in Mumbai from past 11 years. He has trained many celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Diljeet, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta, and many more. He is also training Badshah these days. He trains them according to the demand of the frame they wish and role they are about to do like he worked with Vineet in transforming him for a movie called ‘Mukkabaaz’ where he has to get into the frame of an athletic lean and muscular boxer, it took him 6 months to do so. Hence, it takes a lot of hardwork and focused dedication to get the desired results. All the people he has trained gave their 100% and efforts were visible on-screen.

Pradeep Bhatia moved on to let you know about the exercises he will demonstrate at bodyandstrength.com. He moved to his gym Elixir Fitness where he started off by stretching his back and lat muscles by holding one the machine’s vertical bars with hands, moving his body away, bending his knees, pushing and stretching his back and lats to the maximum as seen in the video. Then he proceeded to carry out a rigorous back workout which is as follows:

1. Pull-Ups (4 Sets X 10-15 Reps)

Hold the overhead pull-up bar at the handles with both your hands. Apply pressure to lat muscles and pull your body up leaving the knees lose, lifting the feet up a little. Bring your body up until your chin comes above the bar level. Exhale as you go up and slowly come down while breathing in. Since in pull-ups you have to lift your own bodyweight, it prepares your muscles well for the coming up supersets. According to Pradeep, it is the best exercise to warm-up before back workout.

2. Superset: Behind the Neck Pulldown and Front Lat Pulldown (4 Sets X 10-15 Reps each exercise)

Behind the Neck Pulldown

Those who have a cervical problem must no go for this variation. Take position and sit on the pulldown machine. Hold the cable bar with both hands at both the ends and pull it down exerting pressure from your lats, bring it down behind your neck while breathing out. Hold for a while and then take the bar up.

Front Lat Pulldown

Repeat the same action but this time bring the bar down to your chest in front of your body. Hold for a while breathing out and squeezing the muscles then take the bar up slowly. He emphasizes on the importance of breathing and said that you must keep breathe out in each rep while exerting pressure and breathe out while releasing it.

3. Superset: Close Grip Pulldown and Seated Row (4 Sets X 10-15 Reps each exercise)

Close Grip Pulldown

Move to close grip pulldown machine. Hold the handles with both your hands, take your sitting position on the machine and pull the cable down. Bring it to your chest while breathing out, hold the squeeze and then take it up again to the starting position, breathing in.

Seated Row

Sit on the close grip rowing machine. Place you legs apart on the foot pad. Keep your back straight like in all the exercises. Hold the handles with both your hands and pull the cable straight towards your body, breathing out. Hold the squeeze and then take the cable back while breathing in. Repeat.

4. Reverse Close Grip Pulldown (4 Sets X 10-15 Reps)

Double Arm | Single Arm

Go to the Reverse Close Grip Pulldown machine. Here you sit facing away from the machine and then hold both the handles with both your hands, palms facing backwards. Now, you pull them down together, exhaling. Go back to the starting position and repeat for the double arm reverse pull down. You have to do the same movement with one hand at a time for single arm variation of the same exercise. Do not forget to hold the contraction for a second before taking the bars up. Pradeep further explains that front lat pull downs can also be performed on this machine using the front handles as in the video. The machine is unique and not found everywhere but there are other variations which he did which can be performed if this machine is not there.

5. Bent Over Row (4 Sets X 10-15 Reps)

Double Arm | Single Arm | Hyperextension

Pradeep went to the Bent Over Rowing machine. He explained that you can do three variations on this machine starting with double arm bent over rowing. Bend your knees a little, bend your torso from your waist and hold the handles of the machine. Push your back and take position. Now, stay stable in this position while moving your arms exerting pressure through your back muscles only. Bring the weights up and take it down. Breathe out and breathe in.

If someone has back issues then it is strongly advised that they don’t go for double arm bent over rowing. Instead they can do single arm bent over rowing. You can perform the same movement with one arm at a time. Using single arm at a time sheds load of your back.

Next variation is hyperextension, which is also done on this machine. People also call it deadlift. Here, you keep your hands straight and move your body from your waist, lifting the weights up till you stand straight and again taking it down. Breathe out as you lift the weight and breathe out as you take them down again slowly. Don’t leave the handles before completing your reps.

Pradeep Bhatia bid adieu with this and said that there are more back workouts and other workouts on his socials which people can follow and learn. The above back workout routine which was done in combinations is apt if you have to complete all effective exercises for your back in 45 minutes or so. The above exercises, if done in the order of instructions make a power pumping rigorous workout for your back.

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