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Powerlifting as a Progressive Fitness Sport for Women By Tavleen Kaur

Against a prominent misconception Powerlifting is not a male dominant sport now. Sports do not discriminate between genders. Sports are defined by passion, dedication and determination.

Powerlifting as a Progressive Fitness Sport for Women By Tavleen Kaur

Even today, across the world the sex ratio of men v/s women is quite plain at few gyms. People still believe the concept of men dominating weights room while women belong to the cardio section. But, if you ask the majority of women if they like it, I am sure they will say “No”!

Then why these women are still intimidated by the weights room? Why they still feel they belong to the cardio section? The main reason is the society and “the people” have fed their minds with the same.

But now, the time is changing and women are breaking boundaries. Lately, the number of females in powerlifting has increased all over the world. Now more and more females choose powerlifting over cardio.

Let’s first know what ‘Powerlifting’ is?

Powerlifting is a sport consisting of three big lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. The aim is to lift the maximum weight in one rep. In all these big three lifts, you get three chances to lift the highest. The one with the biggest total of combined lifts wins. Powerlifting is all about relative strength.

You compete with people of your gender, your weight class and the almost same age as yours. It is one of the most supportive and friendliest communities where you get to meet like-minded people.

The first question asked by the majority of people is “Why Powerlifting?” While the most frequently asked question is “How to Start Powerlifting?”

Whether you compete or not, powerlifting provides you with the best lifestyles. It makes you feel confident, happy and more disciplined. The physical and mental strength one achieves is commendable.

Why Powerlifting?

Helps in Burning Fat

Isn’t cardio supposed to do this? Yes, doing cardio does help in fat loss, but so does Powerlifting. As it includes all the compound moments, your whole body gets engaged and the rate of burning fat goes up. The stronger you become, the more weight you can lift and you become likely of building more muscles. This increases your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate). Hence, you can burn more calories in the long run even if you are doing nothing. Consistency is the key here. If you become consistent with your powerlifting program, your chances of burning fat are higher than doing half-hearted cardio!

Confidence Builder

The whole social media is plagued with a concept of mere weight loss and how women should shrink themselves to the bones. At same time, powerlifting helps you in changing this mindset. It makes your mind to shift from how you should look like to how you actually should do. Once you start lifting, you begin to feel stronger. Lifting can completely change your perspective about how a woman should be. With this sport, you grow daily. Once you feel stronger with the weight on the barbell going up, no one can take that from you. Not even your inner critic!!

Better Body Symmetry

“Don’t lift heavy weight, you’ll become a man!!” How often do we hear this? Even if a woman goes on calorie surplus and trains day and night for years, still she won’t look like a man. Women don’t have similar hormones like men. Lifting heavy add tone to your shape and enhances your curves. The heavier you lift, the more you are able to put on the potential muscle mass. More muscle than fat means a better symmetry and shape of your body.

Take Home Message

Powerlifting is like a rehab from our daily life. No matter what gender, shape or age you are, only you can choose your limitations. Once you start lifting heavy, you feel unstoppable! 

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Tavleen Kaur

Tavleen Kaur is a competitive Raw Powerlifter. She is a 26-year-old. She has won 12 States and 3 National Championships.

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