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Powerful Powerlifting Secrets by Manoj Manohar More

All those people who are addicted to heavy powerlifting or weightlifting will find the information given by legendary powerlifter Manoj More very useful. Otherwise also the exercises he explained are instrumental in building the bulk up, increasing strength and keeping you fit in one go. Watch him action!

Manoj Manohar More is a powerlifting champion and is known for his heavy lifting techniques not many know about his adaptation to Olympic weightlifting. He is one athlete who has mastered both sports; but it took him years of practice, patience, persistence and of course, sacrifice. He explains the difference between the two very clearly that weightlifting and powerlifting are two different sports. Olympic weightlifting has 2 lifts – ‘Clean & jerk’ and ‘Snatch’ whereas powerlifting has 3 – Squat, Benchpress and Deadlift.

Here, in this video coverage, Manoj explains how to master the 3 powerlfting techniques – Squats, Benchpress and Deadlift.  Manoj More lets you know what supplementation he takes to power-up his workouts and what is the reason behind his extreme performance apart from his hardwork – Eugenics Nutrition. He lets you know what makes it his favorite.

He then moves on to show how to do Benchpress with proper form, he tells that it can be done with close grip or wider one, depending upon comfort-level. In Deadlift, he lets you know about Sumo Deadlift and Conventional Deadlift. The former is done with legs wide apart. Both are allowed in the competition, so one does it according to one’s comfort level. Conventional deadlift, however, gives you liberty in range of motion is chosen by many. Then the last exercise is Squats when it is low bar and high bar. In the former the bar is kept below the trapezius and in high bar, the bar is kept above the trapezius. Most of weightlifters perform High-Bar Squats whereas Low-Bar Squats is mostly performed by powerlifters.

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