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Powerful Fat Burning Exercise: Mountain Climbers

If time is your problem and efficiency is your goal! Find the exercise that can burn calories in the least amount of time and improves overall fitness. Don’t like to do the regular workout then try this magical fat burning exercise – Mountain Climber.

Powerful Fat Burning Exercise: Mountain Climbers

Most of the fitness freaks may know all the fat burning exercises it’s easy to know but it’s not easy to adopt them all in the workout routine. Or you may not like to do all!

Are you walking for an hours but not losing weight instead of taking an easy path start doing something effective and fruitful! Find any magical combination that can reduce your belly fat and improves your overall health.

But you don’t know that one combination. Right! Have you ever heard about a magical exercise in the fitness? Recently I came to know that Mountain Climber is one of the best combination of strength training, cardio and core strength.

With Mountain Climbers you go to have up the movement and have a crazy moment. Let’s have a look on the amazing facts and benefits of the mountain climbers.

Why you should choose Mountain Climbers!

  • It can be considered as a full body workout because it targets the major muscle groups.
  • Second plus point of this exercise is that it can give you a fantastic result in burning the fat.
  • You will get bore with this exercise because it has many variations so your body will not get familiar of the same movement. Then it can give extra benefits by changing yourself for the new variation every time.
  • This is the best for Beginners as it active the core muscles. Once you have made improvements in your movement then you can go further.

You can start performing this exercise by the starting position of push-ups.

Benefits of Mountain Climbers3

Build Upper Strength:

Mountain Climbers strengthen of the upper body muscles arms, shoulders, chest and back as you hold your bodyweight for a long period of time.

Increase the Mobility:

They increase your flexibility because it involve instant, smooth and flexible movement. The movement involves flexion of the knees and hips which results in the improvement of mobility.

In the starting you may find the challenge but once your hips are loosen you will perform it very smoothly. As your flexibility improves by this exercise then the chances of injuries are also eliminated.

Improves Cardiovascular Health:

Switching the leg position continuously can get your heart rate up. That’s the good thing for your lungs and heart. You have to make sure that you’re performing the exercise on the phase that is based on your fitness level.

If you start changes in your cardiovascular health then you can speed it up for next level fitness. It is proven fact that if you will perform this faster the harder you will breathe and it will result in the amazing cardiovascular health.

Improves Coordination:

You can get a great coordination with this exercise as they require coordination, agility and timing.

Increase Core strength:

The holding position of the planks in the mountain climbers and the faster motion of the legs engage the abdominal and lower muscles effectively which will increase your core strength.

There are 5 variations of Mountain Climbers -

1. Wide Arm Mountain Climbers

Level: Intermediate

Targeted Muscles: Core Glutes, Deltoids, pectorals, quads, hamstrings

2. Cross Body Mountain Climber

Level: Beginners to Intermediate

Targeted Muscles: Oblique, Glutes, Abs, Deltoids, Biceps and Quads

3. Spiderman Mountain Climber

Level: Beginners to Intermediate

Targeted Muscles: Oblique, hip flexors, adductors, abs, deltoids and lats.

4. One Arm Mountain Climber

Level: Advanced

Targeted Muscles: Core, Pectorals, Glutes, Deltoids, biceps, triceps, quads and hamstrings

5. Semicircle Mountain Climber

Level: Advanced

Targeted Muscles: Oblique, Abs, Quads, Hamstrings, Deltoids and Biceps

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