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Personal Training as a Career - Episode 1

An opportunity to know it all about personal training career, the latest and prevalent information as Chirag Sethi (Director, Classic Fitness Academy) answers all FAQs in this video on the career avenue of a personal fitness trainer.

Personal Training as a career as rewarding as teaching. It gives you an in-depth knowledge on keeping healthy and fit as well as empowers you to help others in transforming them which has a positive effect on their overall quality of life.

Chirag Sethi speaks in this video on how a good certificate course helps in gaining the right knowledge and authenticating one’s experience in this field. No matter how long you have been into training people, learning and obtaining fitness certifications from established bodies like IREPS and ACE is a must to rise in this field. People place their trust more with well-educated certified people in this field, always remember that.

In the COVID-19 times, good immune system has become our first line of defense and there is nothing else which will work 100 percent against all kinds of infections as of now. Nobody can deny that exercising is the sure shot way of increasing your immunity along with good nutrition. Fitness has hence become a necessity and the scope of a personal trainer in this field has, hence, got a very good future which will further evolve and grow as we step towards a more demanding and technologically abundant future.

It is important for personal trainers to be able to communicate well and look fit and groomed themselves. Especially, today when most of the people are opting for online sessions with personal trainers. Your chances of success in this field increase if you speak well in understandable language whether in Hindi or English, depending upon your clientele you have. It is not necessary that you need to speak in English but is very important to be able to speak with clarity and confidence so that your client is not only impressed but feels motivated to follow your instructions. There is a fine line between client – trainer relationship and that should not ever be crossed so that your professional career is not affected. Becoming a personal friend with the client will handicap you in your earnings from them. Hence, keep your relationship compassionate yet professional with them. This will also help you stay focused on your work more.

Chirag also tells how an online trainer is no less than a personal trainer these days. Even if you are an online personal trainer, certification is a must, communication is the next powerful tool to make and keep clients coming back to you. To know more about the risks and benefits of this career, watch Episode-1 of Fitness Career Series with Chirag Sethi.

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