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Peek-a-boo into Gul Panag's Lean Body Transformation

The praiseworthy body transformation of Gul Panag is getting all the attention. This article is solely for all the tips and tricks that she took to transform herself. Read it to know about all that secrets of Gul in one go.

Peek-a-boo into Gul Panag's Lean Body Transformation

The multitalented Gul Panag, who is an actress, former beauty pageant participant, biker by hobby and many things. She is the perfect example and fitness goal setter for many of us. She really is a fitness freak. She has always given her proper attention to her fitness and not that she hadn't a good body before the recent transformation. But this time, it is another level! Her motive behind the recent transformation was to get lean muscles and body.

In February, Gul posted a picture of her on her Instagram handle. In those two pictures she is showing her biceps and whole body. In caption of the photo she has mentioned that the body muscles that she has, might look good to everyone but there is fat present. The muscles of her body are not at all only good and required muscles, but not loaded with extra fat. Hence, now she has started working out for loosing that unwanted fat. She also added that she wants to become more flexible, leaner, and increase her endurance. For everyone, there are different parameters to measure how they want their body to be and here, Gul wanted herself to look and feel good and confident about her body. She has written in her caption that for the past few months she has been eating bad stuffwhich is not healthy. She then started feeling bad about herself. To become lean and gain strength she started working out with a target of getting leaner and more shredded. Don't miss her recent post and beware as your jaw might drop down to floor looking at her awesome transformation!

Exercises in the 'to do list'of Gul Panag –

  • HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training for 20-30 minutes
  • Plyometrics
  • Suryanamskar
  • 3-4 km Run

The frequency of the workout is one very effective thing, in Gul’s case she is doing the exercise atleast 5 days in a week.

Gul’s Diet secret

  • Tea (morning) which includes 5 Almonds, 1 Fig, 1 Date, 2 walnut halves (1 whole walnut), 1 dried apricot.
  • Breakfast includes 2 eggs, toast or muesli (cold oatmeal dish which has nuts, grains, seeds and fresh or dried fruits).
  • Lunch includes Daal/Chicken with Sabji and roti/rice on normal days. If she’s busy then Sandwich salad.
  • Tea (Evening) without sugar with 2 biscuits.
  • Dinner includes Daal/Chicken with Sabji and roti/rice


Vegetables, Chicken/Fish, Pasta/Quinoa (Whole grain), Salad

TIP – Eat two servings of seasonal fruits in between the meals.

The healthy diet with proper workout has always been very effective in body transformation. Gul has done the same with full dedication and now we all can see the difference. While going through the extreme tenacious workout sessions she observed few but very effective things. In her post she has mentioned that “Too much of ‘Healthy’ is ‘not healthy’.” This statement says a lot. We all should take note of this and try to give our body enough time and space from eating only healthy food. This way it can help us to transform in better conditionlike Gul Panag.

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