Pedal Your Way to a Stronger Brain!

Yes, cycling can make your brain stronger and brighter! This seems a rather confusing and illogical statement until you read this article. The simple explanation of its benefits will enlighten your view on the topic.

Pedal Your Way to a Stronger Brain!

It is high time we realized that exercise doesn’t only benefit the body but also accentuates your mental ability. The overall health is the key to a better mental ability, or shall we call agility. Rich capillary beds are created in not only your quads and glutes, but also your gray matter when you spend those hours turning your cranks. Heart pumps more oxygen up there and that means more nutrients to help them work.

Pedalling makes more nerve cells to electrify. As the current passes through these neurons, creation of proteins like brain derived neurotrophic factor and a compound called noggin which promote the birth of new brain cells. Hence, the production of neurons is almost doubled, which means you end up building your brain along with your body. Your mind becomes more alert, more functional, more attentive, more receptive and more interactive. That is why cycling makes one of the best exercises of all times.

It is evident, that ageing slows our brain and that is most likely because our brain shrinks with each passing year. Hence, it is important to keep pace with your youth and keep cycling your way to younger brain and body. A more connected brain means more productive body. Here all the interconnections work together. But in order to sustain good health of brain and body, it is elementary to keep the balance and not to overdo it, overdoing it will not in any way make a superhuman out of you.

Apart from overall health, cycling enhances immunity. Indoor spinning gives the added workout benefits for whole of your leg muscles while outdoor bikers get the benefit of both the worlds connecting with the goodness of nature. You breathe better and lungs get fitter, your muscles get stronger, your reflex system is well-supported by your brain, you get better joint mobility and stronger bones, better coordination of all the senses at one time. Cycling helps your body become a multi-tasker with ease and raises your stamina by leaps and bounds if done regularly. By balancing on those two wheels you not only master the bike but also balance your body metabolism.

So hop on the spinning machine at home or at your gym or pull the other beauty out of your garage and pedal your way to healthy and happy body and mind. To become a go-getter, you have to get-going!

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