Outworldly Transformation Story of A Vegan – Kirti Thakur

This transformation story and lifestyle of Kirti will make you sit up and take notice of your diet choices. If a vegan can do it so effectively, you surely need to know how she did it! Read further to know more.

Outworldly Transformation Story of A Vegan – Kirti Thakur

My lifestyle is all about discipline.It includes strict training regime and balanced nutrition plan so as to achieve my fitness goals.

I am Kirti Thakur from Himachal Pradesh and a Navy brat. I currently reside in Faridabad along with my husband.

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist and an aspiring fitness model. I have my own gym, named as ‘75FITNESS’ in Faridabad.Also, I provide online personal coaching.

As per me, my biggest achievement was taking action instead of just day-dreaming about my dream body. I am changing this thirst into my passion. Being a mentor and inspiration for many girls out there, added wings to my goals.

Sometimes family commitments and business demands provide less room for training schedule. I make sure to at least do the bare minimum to keep myself motivated. Also, initially family didn’t support to follow a specific nutrition plan and friends/colleagues never supported the idea of strength training.

My day starts early morning by 5am and by 6am I start my training so as to get the most important thing get done first. Rest of the dayis dedicated to gym clients and management. Also, I manage my online clients in between. I make sure that weekend is well spent with my family

I was athletic person back in school days but college time along with part-time job made me focus only on a few things. Sedentary lifestyle and parties led to weight gain. I went up from 57kg (2007) to 89kg (2011). One day I realized how bad I am treating myself and started searching for workouts and diets which can help me. Thanks to my regime, I was down to 76 kg within a few months and lost more kilos in the following year (was down to 67kgs in 2012).

But again, BPO job hit me hard. I Gained weight again back to 76kg in 2015. I met my online coach ‘AnandNagaich’ in 2016 and got to know about Calisthenics and it totally blew my mind. Yes, I lost weight (76 kg to 60 kg) but this time it was different, I chose strength training for me. It always fascinated me being a strong female. Now, there is no looking back for me.

I am a big fan of calisthenics/body weight training because of the easy access. You don’t have to go to the gym for it. I train in split routine of both body weight & weight training:

  • Monday:Push-Ups, Pike Press, Hollow Body & Skull Crushers
  • Tuesday: Assisted Chin-Ups, Australian Pull-Ups, Deadlift & Australian Pull-Up holds
  • Wednesday: Pistol Squats, Weighted Squats, Dragon Flag Negatives, Hanging Knee Raises
  • Thursday: Rest Day/ Slow Cardio
  • Friday: Push-Ups, Inclined Push-Ups, and Bench Dips
  • Saturday:Assisted Chin-Ups, Straight Leg Deadlift, Calf Raises, HIIT
  • Sunday: Rest Day

I follow Vegan balanced diet with home based food and I do not take any supplements. Being a Sports Nutritionist I want to educate people that fitness goals can be achieved with Vegan lifestyle too and also at the same time you don’t have to be food deprived. I take higher amount of carbs to fuel my strength training fitness regime.

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