On A Diet on Diwali? Stop Getting Embarrassed and Eat!

Many of you just hide yourself on Diwali and avoid family dinners and parties just because you can’t admit that you are on a diet on Diwali and are scared of your mismanaged waistline once it is over too! Well, you don’t need to do that! This article will let you know how to enjoy your Diwali on a diet.

On A Diet on Diwali? Stop Getting Embarrassed and Eat!

Diwali is around the corner again this year and this is that part of the year when you wish to enjoy the most and you also wish to not to bloat your waist-line. Looking and feeling good even after Diwali is also very important for health conscious people and there is nothing to embarrassed about it. You can enjoy this festive season in parties as well, keeping in mind what is healthy for you and if they mock you, you let them know that what you eat is as much tasteful so you are just keeping away from food which can have an after effect ruining all your efforts till now! After all, Diwali shouldn’t be lived for a day, the joy should carry on for the whole year ahead.

There is a simple formula to stay healthy during this festive season, eat and look your best. Go through these simple tips below:

1. Eat Everything

Yes, to satiate your urge and to become a part of the gathering, eat everything you wish to eat in very small amount. Take small amount of what you wish to have with lots of salads, yogurt and soups in the do. You will always find the right thing to fill your stomach.

2. Manage Food Throughout the Day

Since you will be meeting a lot of people whole day and they would wish to make you have something. Ask them to serve you green tea, no sugar black coffee, almonds and nuts that won’t harm you but will keep you healthy, filled with energy whole day. Have everything in small amounts. Normally, if you break your meals at least 5 or 6 times a day. If you are healthy snacking in between, skip a meal or two, according to your feeling of being full.

3. Detox Once a Day

You need to take one (green) detox juice or smoothie once a day for at least a week before and after Diwali to wash of toxins and keep yourself healthy even if you had to take small amounts of outside food on the way. Best is to take it empty stomach in the beginning of your day.

4. Exercise Regularly

Even if you are not able to hit the gym in all the cleaning and celebration for the festival, juggling with your work-life, do not forget to exercise at home or go for a brisk walk (twice a day) or a run in the morning. If none of them is working, spend time more dancing in the party and eating to survive, filling yourself with juices in between your dance sessions. The focus should be to keep burning calories you are consuming.

5. Healthy Food Options

At home or on your own, eat nutrient rich food. For sweets, you can prepare jaggery coated dry-fruits, protein bars, baked vegetables, cottage cheese, whole wheat bread and everything nutritious to keep you going in the festive season as you will be needing energy to cope with the all the festive activity and will have to run-around a lot. Avoid all sorts of greasy, cheesy and sugars throughout the season as far as you can, especially, if you are on your own. Keep a check on your portions.

If you keep a check on the above pointers, you will realize that it is not that you don’t have to eat, but it is the other way round, you have to. The twist is that you have don’t have to binge, eat in gaps with all the healthy options available throughout the day, exercise and detox. Even if you don’t lose weight or look leaner this Diwali, we guarantee that you will feel healthier and look fabulous, and who knows may you do lose a few pounds, following the above tips!

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