Nutritionist Nandini Agarwal’s Plate of Life – The Story

Ace nutritionist Nandini Agarwal spills the beans on some of the most believed myths about nutrition. We will also have a sneak peek into her successful life as a nutritionist.

Nutritionist Nandini Agarwal’s Plate of Life – The Story

Let us build a healthy lifestyle together with Nandini Agarwal

Nutrition is the study of nutrients in food, how the body uses them, and the relationship between diet, health, and disease. Nutrition provides nourishment to the body in the form of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre and water.

If people don't have the right balance of nutrients in their diet, their risk of developing certain health conditions increases.

Before we start, let's know about who is Nandini Agarwal

Nandini Agarwal is a nutritionist from Jaipur.She has done her schooling from Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School. She is a graduate in and postgraduate MBA in finance marketing from SIBM, Pune and of course, a certified nutritionist who found her passion in fitness and helps others lead a healthy lifestyle. She believes fitness is not a only a lifestyle, it is the way to live a fulfilled life.

Let's talk about how she built a career as nutritionist

According to her, almost 5 to 6 years back, she was really overweight and nutrition came into picture much later in her life.

She started referring to lots of nutritionists and dietitians around her. They had a very generic way of giving diets to everyone the despite their age, medical condition or any special issues or requirements. Most of them would get the same diet and this did not make sense to her.

Sometime later, when she started reading a lot about nutrition, she became quite passionate about it. She started applying those principles on herself, and when she lost all that weight, she becamefitter and healthier.

After that she started helping others around her.

Later, her husband suggested her to go for certifications, experts programme. She found it a way which is much easier.  She already had the relevant knowledge, having the professional approach to the acquired and owned knowledge on nutrition, she became all set to take a career as a nutritionist.Ultimately, she found her passion.

With her luck and family’s support, she cleared the expert levels, interviews and all the required certifications.

The real achievements and some successful case histories

Basically, her goal is to reach people and she want to pick up opportunities to reach more and more people.She helped a pregnant woman, to lose all the baby fat which she had gained during her pregnancy.

She had another 62-year-old patient who has undergone 4 heart surgeries and also, he was diabetic with high cholesterol levels. Her patient lost 15 kg in 3 months which was miraculous for Nandini and her patient.

Now, here comes a question on how does she practice 

Before the lockdown happened, she used to have a professional setup and an office, but due to lockdown, she completely shifted her base online.

She wishes to reach out to all parts of the nation and world through online mode. 

If there are clients who are in the same city and want to meet her, she prefers to do an online consultation first and if it's a special needthen she gives them a time slot to meet her in person.

Let's know what are the benefits of losing weight 

Losing weight is the byproduct of being fit. If you are consistent and aware of your choices , fatloss becomes way easier.

Nandini says, “I got so many other benefits of losing weight. I could play with my toddler way better and with more energy. I could do my work, socialize and fulfil my commitments with more energy.”

You must know what are good foods for better immunity

According to nutritionist Nandini:

  • Rich seasonal fruits, vegetables and the millets are better for immunity.
  • Always prioritize your food with good source of protein. 
  • No detox diets and juices are needed because the decoction doesn’t work.

Let us know about some myths which hamper weight loss

  • Ghee does not make you fat.

Some people tell us that ghee intake is one of the reasons that we get fat but you really need ghee for vitamin D in your body.

  • Rice does not make you fat.

Nandini was never a rice person but when she read that it has good starch and good carbs, she become a rice person. She eats rice every single day.

According to Nandini, there are many kinds of sugar in the market - sucrose, dextrose and many more which are hidden in all of the fruits that we eat.

Nandini's future plans as a nutritionist

She wants to reach out to millions and make people aware about nutrition and its benefits for us.

A nutrition related message for readers from Nandini

“I think being consistent and making healthy choices works because once you make unhealthy choice it results in guilt.  When you're having your cheat meal, don't think you can go overhead with it and yes, I don't call them cheat meals, I call them treat meals.” Nandini says.

She says,“Being fit is not just something we do for ourselves but it's a responsibility we have towards the future generation.”

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