Nutrition Tips for Infant and Child Care during Corona Pandemic

Children are the most vulnerable lot when it comes to life threatening emergencies like COVID-19 pandemic. How nutrition can help in keeping their mental and physical health intact? Dt. Sanjana Sharma suggests some tips in this article.

Nutrition Tips for Infant and Child Care during Corona Pandemic

Corona virus has become a serious threat to the people all around the world. Sheltering in community lockdown, may protect you and your kids from the risk of catching the virus. However, the most vulnerable populations are the very old ones and the very young ones. People are maintaining social distancing to protect the medical health of the very old. People need to understand the urgency to protect the health of themselves as well as their children.

Corona virus can scare children if the parents are highly stressed, then children may also be stressed, as they look to their parents for cues on how to relate the world. This can create emotional or mental problems for months.

Communities are at lockdown to stop the spread of the pandemic. As a parent, you need to work on wellness and good nutritive diet of your kids. A positive approach as a family can help you to get down through the lockdown.

According to the studies, kids are getting affected to COVID-19, but don’t get severe illness from the virus as the elders get, though they might be the spreaders of the virus. Whereas infants are at slightly more at risk than older children. Children don’t have some of the exposures to work, travel and caregiving that elders experience. They typically are exposed to someone in their home. Certain population of kids with all respiratory issues may be more at risk of severe infection, including those with underlying health conditions such as asthma or compromised immune systems. Kids who have been found to be infected, seem to be having mild, if any illness at all, related to the infection. And because kids frequently get cold, there is some thought that maybe some of those antibodies are protecting them from the corona virus.

Although there’s no magic pill or miracle broth that will boost people’s immunity against the virus but good nutrition will always stand by your children’s side when it comes to fighting outside infections of any kind. The good news is there are many ways you can give your children and family’s immune system the best possible chance to operate at its optimum level. When it comes to maintaining good health, the immune system is your most special asset, a silent wonder. Solace is that there is always good nutrition which can save the day for children at home. Here are some nutrition related tips to keep them strong mentally and physically.

Hygiene and Nutrition go hand in hand

Wash all fruits and vegetables with warm water. Avoid serving raw salads to children. Properly cooked food is safer to be taken during these times because heat kills most of the virus and bacteria. Properly cooked and mashed food for babies at home who are not breast feeding. Breast-feeding mothers must take the immunity boosting foods themselves, which include asafoetida in food, citrus fruits in between meals and turmeric in milk.

Vaccinations are Powerless without good nutrition

Routine vaccination is a must and these vaccinations respond in a body which already have a good nutrition base. Please note that no vaccinations can protect you if your natural immunity is not working with the help of powerful nutrition.

Nutrition while down with cold

Monitor your child for fever and any respiratory symptoms like sore throat, cough or breathlessness. If your child has any of these, see the doctor immediately. But foremost, you must not panic till the help arrives, keep giving plenty of warm fluids to your child like soups, hot water and hot skimmed milk with turmeric or tulsi.

Exercise and Yoga

Apart from household activities and educative activities, it is important to introduce you children with serious exercises like Yoga which focus on making their respiratory system strong apart from making them mentally more enduring during these times. Even if they are having good nutrition, if they are not exercising, they can lose out on building a strong immune system which is the need of the hour.

Immunity boosting nutrition

Last but not the least here is what they take to boost their immune system regularly even when they are not down with any illness - Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. Green vegetables, turmeric, ginger, cloves and garlic should be a regular in children’s meals along with timely milk intake. These are the basics but we should take it laid back when it comes to health and good immunity of our children.

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