Nutrition For Building Muscles!

Proper nutrition is the backbone of muscle building. This article will list out foods to help you through your shredding process!

Nutrition For Building Muscles!

Proper nutrition is the backbone of muscle building. This article will list out foods to help you through your shredding process!

 Building Muscle takes hard work, both in the gym and in the kitchen. And to gain a muscle mass, it requires a combination of cardio exercise and strength training along with a healthy and balanced diet.

Here are some tips that helps you to gain a muscle mass:

  1. What to Eat to Gain Muscle Mass?

Lean meat

Animal meat are usually a great source of protein, especially lean meat like chicken and turkey. They provide low-fat meal, which can support muscle health and recovery.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein. A single egg contains around 6g of protein , vitamin D and B2.

Dairy products

Dairy products are basically, milk products like yoghurt, cheese etc. They are also high in protein, require minimal preparation and offer calcium. They can be a convenient fuel on the go for athletes.


Oily fishes such as tuna and salmon are high in protein. They are contain Omego-3 fatty acids, which are an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Whole grains

Eating whole grains such as bread, brown rice are essential for maintaining energy level throughout the day. Hormones such as insulin and some amino acids, influence the muscle growth.

Beans and lentils

Some plants can also provide a good amount of protein.  Beans and lentils are both high in protein and work well as meat substitute in many dishes when combined with cereals such as rice for vegetarians. Other sources for vegan protein includes tofu, nuts and seeds.

Whey protein

If you are looking for a quick and highly effective source of protein, whey protein powder is a convenient and best choice for it.

It can be easily added to shakes, smoothies and oats. There are also ready to-eat products like yoghurts and bars containing whey.

  1. Why Whey Protein?

Eating any protein will help to build muscle. There is one type of protein that can be specially beneficial whey protein.

It is an excellent source of protein amongst athletes because human body can absorb it quickly and easily.  It contains an important quantity of BCAAs and therefore, efficiently recovers muscles after a training session. Its also a convenient option if you are busy because the preparation time is minimal and it doesn't need further  preparation from you unlike some other source of protein.

Sports is the Key to Building Muscles


Light cardio, strength training and resistance training are the basic factors of building muscles. If you are unsure about what exercises are good to do.  You can speak to a personal trainer, who can create a tailored exercise plan for you , depending on what you enjoy, your fitness level and your goals!


We never understand the importance of water for our health. Ensuring you drink before,  during and after a workout means that your body can transport all of the nutrients you eat around to your muscles, to build them and keep them functioning correctly.


It is the most important part of muscle mass building that allows your body the time to recover.

Our body is in a regenerative state while sleeping, so rest is essential for reducing the chance of injury and making sure you perform at your best.

So now, you know the right way to build muscles. Although a certified trainer's guidance is essential, always keep these easy tips in mind to support your muscle building journey!

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