Not Just Another Fighter, You're The Fight! - Tribute to Strong Women

The motivational video represents the social pressures and prejudices a woman fights off to live her dreams. Time has come that that you – the woman told the truth to all those people who thought you couldn’t do it to stop you only if they can match your strength. Because ‘You’ are the Real Fight!

Women in India have grown up hearing that they are not tough, they are biologically weaker sex and they must not dream more than what they have got because the world out there is not going to be any softer for them. They are brought up in the way that they start believing in the notion that they are not made for field jobs, they are not made to do tough tasks and they can’t handle pressure.

Women who broke stereotypes and opted for a tougher life, or took bolder decisions of pursuing their career in contradictory fields were termed as anti-social in most of the societies! But now, is the time for change, from family to friends to the society at large are not only accepting the reality but are getting inspired from these wonderful women who have time and again proven that they were not different, superior or inferior but equals in this system of patriarchy. They are blessed with equally same power and strength. To ignite the same, only thing they needed to do is to be consistent, determined and change their mind-set which is not bothered with what the world said or thought; and which is focused on their strength.

Women who looked after themselves and trained their bodies for challenges on stage and off-stage are setting examples in society, that irrespective of your profession, you first of all need to be fit and healthy enough to live the life of your dreams. More than that women glorifying the name of the nation in sports and defense services could do what people in a closed society never thought of, just because they believed in themselves and did not think twice before lifting heavy or pushing harder.

This video is a tribute to all the powerful women out there, who are self-made, more than just hard working, the most respected quality they radiate is to never ever give up, no matter what the circumstances are! The electric coverage features IFBB Pro Navreet Josan, IFBB Pro Rutuja Hegshetye and Hannah Sim. cheers to these women and all women like them who did it against all odds and are forever going strong!

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