Nizar Dawoodani: NBBUI Mr. World Pro Card Winner

You have to be mentally strong for wining any title! Nizar is the best example of this. How he is trying to help people through his scientific knowledge? Watch out his interview to find out!

Nizar Dawoodani walked away with NBBUI 36th Mr. World Championship Trophy in Star or Specially abled category on October 20, 2018. Not only this, he also won the Pro Card from NBBUI, followed by huge applaud by the audience. In an exclusive interview with, he divulged how he trains his body for bodybuilding competitions and how he helps others in training. He is a strong advocate of scientific knowledge based training and said that he has helped people reversing the effects of some chronic illnesses.

He started competing after 40 and hence, was comparatively a latecomer in the field of bodybuilding, on top of that he was differently abled and had to contest in physically challenged category. Despite competing with the younger para-athletes on the stage, he immerged as a hands-down winner. Earlier also, he has earned many titles with his constant dedication and methodical training.

In his message to other athletes, he emphasized that all the athletes must keep patience and train according to their body type plus they must increase their knowledge and must know what actually are they eating and how it is going to help their respective bodybuilding goals in future. He shunned the way people train nowadays, without knowing the facts and throw their body into intensive training, sometimes, high on steroids before the right time.

Nizar Dawoodani is a Mumbai based fitness coach and 10 times Mr. India.

He started bodybuilding after the age of 36 and started competing after 40.

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