Nilima Gaikwad: She Didn’t Let PCOD Interfere With Her Fitness

Many hurdles arisen because of PCOS but I made it possible to get back to a healthy lifestyle. “Never give up on your dreams’ it is a life of Nilima.

Nilima Gaikwad: She Didn’t Let PCOD Interfere With Her Fitness

I am Nilima Gaikwad, a 30-year-old from Maharashtra. My career as a professional athlete started at the age of 12, which is quite a young age to get accustomed to a particular lifestyle. I excelled and won several state and national level medals for Maharashtra.

In 2015-16, I faced major hormonal imbalance and PCOD due to which I put on weight and was not able to control it. Besides unpredictable hormonal behavior, these hormonal changes can trigger diabetes, infertility, acne and excessive hair growth. PCOD can only be cured by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, diet and proper exercise.

Body & Strength

It is possible for anyone to reverse lifestyle disease like PCOD, Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity with healthy eating habits and workout routine.

I had lost my self -confidence as being a sports person because before getting down with PCOD, I was fit and healthy. There were many hurdles in my way arising because of this disease. I decided to get back in the shape again because I didn’t want to face any inferiority complex.

It was only possible with the help of my coach, Vijendra Singh who contributed a lot in my journey.

I have not been perfect in fact no one is perfect, I have made mistakes, faced failures but the best thing is that I have learnt from these failures to ‘Never give up on your dreams and mindset!’

Body & Strength

My basic workout is yoga, weight training, trekking as for me fitness is not just about lifting weights but it is an amalgamation of the physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Indian food has been rated amongst the top balanced food in the world.

I have my own balanced diet of Indian food because I don’t feel that western boiled food is apt and filling for a diet. If we want to achieve a healthy body by following any fad diet it is not possible because fitness is a sustainable lifestyle and not a 3 month or a 6 month diet plan.

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