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New Year, Pandemic and Home Training

Anthony Cardoz gives you tips to keep your fitness game up this new year, gym or no gym. Read this article, get ready and get going!

New Year, Pandemic and Home Training

Finally, 2020 has ended 2021 has begun! Many of us made a resolution to get fit or be in better shape than what we were last year. With some gyms yet to be reopened or as per the new guidelines only limited people are allowed, how we all can achieve our goal of being fit? It may be difficult but not impossible to atleast maintain good health. Here are few tips which I follow and would like to share with you all!

Start moving: Start with the basics. Even basic exercises like 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps of compound exercises like squats, pushups, lunges, tricep dips, towel rows can help you to get in shape significantly.

Watch what you eat: 'Abs are made in kitchen' this quote is pretty true! If not like Mr. Olympia or men's physique winner like toned, chiseled abs but atleast abs which you can flaunt on a summer vacation on the beach. Watch your carbs intake, eat more complex carbs and have a good amount of protein to build lean muscle mass.

Don't try anything fancy: YouTube workouts are eye catching and we all wish to do something which we can upload on social media but you should not try something which can cause an injury and bring a halt to your workout. Remember, basics works the best and also provides you great results if done properly and consistently with proper nutrition.

Something is better than nothing: Ofcourse home workouts can't give you as good results as a gym can but isn't it good to move around a bit, perform some compound exercises and make the most of it? The time is tough and so we have to be! If you feel you are hitting a plateau you can buy some weights or kettle bell for progressive overload or even periodization.

Run run run: Running is a good exercise to enhance your cardio respiratory endurance. In layman term, good to improve your heart and lungs! Not allowed to run outside? You can simply put on the TV, watch your favorite show and start running on the spot! Try it once. You won't be bored and also make your heart fit. You can thank me later for this idea!

Breathe well, live well: Normal breathing exercises can help you relax your mind, help you increase your creativity, and lower blood pressure. Try some breathing exercises as they are easy to perform and there are lot many apps which you can use for guidance. Calm mind is a happy mind!

Yoga: Yoga doesn't need much space, not much equipment and great form of exercise to improve your muscle endurance and flexibility. It can help you to build up your strength to some extend if you are a complete beginner.

Take guidance from experts: Yes, you can watch YouTube videos, read articles, blogs, vlogs but a personal trainer can help you improve by guiding you rep by rep. A beginner might get injured by doing exercises incorrectly. You can hire a personal trainer and have online training with him/her. People who are well versed with form and technique can just buy a proper exercise plan and nutrition plan for better results.

Be prepared: The longer you wait the more muscles you will lose. A beginner should not take more than 3 days break and an advance clients will tend to lose their hard earned muscles in a month if they don't be consistent. You can't take a long break and expect to hit same weights in the gym once they reopen. Try and perform compound exercises as much as you can to preserve some amount of muscle you gained earlier.

Feel good, stay fit, increase productivity: Exercising not just help you to look better but also feel better. Exercising can help you to regulate your hormone functioning, release dopamine(Happy hormone) which is important in this crucial time. Exercising has shown to increase your productivity by enhanced oxygen uptake to the brain and body.

Hope this tips help you. Stay home, stay fit, stay healthy!

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