NBBUI Mr. World and IBBF Mr. Asia, Mangesh Gawde: Rise Above Life’s Struggles and Focus

Any other field didn’t attract me as bodybuilding is in my mind, heart, blood last but not the least it’s my passion.

I am Mangesh Gawde from Mumbai, Maharashtra (India). I am 38-year-old. Basically I am from Konkan Vengurla Sindhudurga. I started fitness as a hobby at an age 17. I am a Bachelors in Commerce from Konkan Dr. Balasaheb Khardekar college Vengurla in the year 2000. After graduation I came to Mumbai for Job. Started job in a factory of Marlex cooker as a helper, but my passion, my hobby didn’t leave any scope for any other job, and hence, I switched to my 1st job as a fitness trainer in the year 2001 with a salary of only INR 3000. Then I improved my fitness skills and did certifications from Verous Academy in the year 2005.

My life turned around with my qualifications, I joined new job and became fully focused in the fitness industry with brand EVOLVE fitness. There I molded my zeal to excel in the field of fitness and became well known fitness personal trainer. Afterwards, I continued my services designated as a trainer and in 5 years, I got promoted as top Business Sales Head.

Then in 5 years, I started my own 2 gyms in Mumbai with the name ‘MUSCLE & MIGHT’. I never thought I will become a famous Mens Physique athlete in India as well as on international level. But life gave me that opportunity in the year 2015, my 1st bodybuilding competition Mr. Maharshtra Shree, I landed in top 4 and then I never looked back. There were Mr. Jerai, Mr. India Mr. Olympia, Mr. World, Mr. Asia championships and my performance and place improved day by day. Now, I am a professional Gym Management Service Provider (sales, set up, training, budget planning, sales training, etc.) and online personal trainer.

I didn’t face much of a challenge in my fitness journey. But yes, whenever I prepared for the competitions and achieved a perfect body conditioning, did the best of the poses on stage and still, couldn’t get a place in competitions, I felt very nervous and taken aback. Secondly, this sport requires a lot of financial backup and needs some support from the government or any organization who is willing to promote this sport. When Bodypower Expo people came to India, I was awestruck by the potential of this sport and hence, I decided to transform my physique, and I succeeded. Despite all the odds, if you are passionate enough, you can make it at a good position in this sport.

Basic workout schedule: I am focused at one body part each day while preparing for competitions. I train two times a day, basically, Cardio and Abs in the morning and Weights in the evening.

My Diet: I follow the same 365 days of the year. I consume 5 meals a day which are balanced in nutrition content. Whenever I am in a prep mode, I take more protein and less carbs, no sugar, salt or spice.


  • Mr. Maharashtra: 4th place
  • Jerai Classic: 4th place
  • Mr. India: 5th place
  • Mumbai Shree: Silver Medal
  • National: 5th place
  • Olympia, Hong Kong: 6th place
  • Mr. World, Thailand: 6th place
  • Mr. Asia 2018 Trophy Winner
  • NBBUI Mr. World: Gold Medal

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