Navratri Diet to Stay Fit

This article stresses upon the importance of healthy foods that can be consumed by those who hold fast during Navratri. People who are very particular about their fitness regime can add these food materials to their diet during this season of festivals.

Navratri Diet to Stay Fit

In India Navratri marks the beginning of festive season. The importance of Navratri needs no explanation. Large number of people observe fast during this festival. It is a known fact that many people refrain from consuming non vegetarian food materials and even garlic, onion etc. during this time. People follow a strict diet for nine days of this festival of utmost devotion and sacred rituals. But while fasting it is very crucial to take good care of our health and overall well being. Therefore special emphasis must be given towards our diet. Especially for the people who are very serious about their fitness regime, a balanced and a healthy diet plays a very pivotal role in helping them maintain their fitness routine even while enjoying the festival and keeping fast.

It must also be taken care that the changing season during Navratri is also a matter of concern for our health. So, consuming foods that are rich in nutrients like protein, fibers, minerals etc. is quite significant for strengthening the defence mechanism of our body. It needs to be remembered that we can enjoy the festival only if we remain fit and fine.

Following is a list of food materials that can be consumed by those who are fasting during Navratri:

1. Sabudana

Sabudana is a very good source of carbohydrates. It boosts the energy of those who are on fast. It is very easy to digest. There are lots of delicious foods that can be prepared using sabudana like sabudana kheer, sabudana khichdi etc.

2. Makhana

Makhana is considered very healthy food to be consumed during fasting. It is full of antioxidants. It also works as anti ageing food. It has high fibre content. So, it gets easily digested and it removes wastes and toxins from our body. It also prevents constipation.

3. Ramdana

Ramdana is very popular for high fibre content plus it is a source of protein. If you pack it tight with little jaggery then these laddoos or cakes can be had with milk. It is nutritious bundle of power to you during navratri fasts.

4. Dry fruits

Dry fruits have a large number of health benefits that cannot be denied. Cashew nuts, pistachios almonds, raisins and walnuts are some of the most popular dry fruits that people prefer while they are fasting. These dry fruits are also used to garnish the sweets. They are an excellent source of protein and minerals. Apart from that they are also rich in fibre content.

5. Dairy products

Dairy products are considered very important and holy for festivals. Lots of delicious food items can be prepared using the dairy products. In fact people who hold fast, prefer food prepared from dairy products over other foods. Dairy products that are low in fat can be added to our diet in order to provide the required amount of protein to the body. Therefore, it keeps us energetic and fit, enabling us to perform our work with utmost ease and dedication. Vegans can have almond or coconut milk.

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