Navjot Kaur’s Incredible Body Transformation will Surprise You!

At the end of the day what matters is your own happiness and if you are not happy with yourself, you have to change! Read how Navjot Kaur did her transformation to regain her happiness and keep it forever.

Navjot Kaur is 29 years old and is a health coach. Before becoming a health coach she was used to work at marketing and branding departments for fashion brands. She took the plunge of becoming a fitness enthusiast and health coach because her health got a setback in her busy schedule and she was not at all happy with the way she looked and felt.

She started her transformation in December 2016. She left her corporate job and completely dedicated herself towards improving her health and overall fitness. She was going through a phase where she had a lot of body issues, she had to gain control on her health and her life to move anywhere further. It was more of mental as well as physical transformation she went through all these years.

It took her around nine months to transform and these nine months helped her become a better person. She was inspired with the thought that at the end of the day what really matters is your own happiness. And she found herself not happy with the way she looked and felt which turned her life around. She earlier thought that happiness is connected to monetary benefits and acknowledgements you get for your work only, but she was wrong. She realized over the period of time that it meant to be happy with yourself and this helped her become a better person with better personality in due course of time.

Her motivation comes from the fact that she doesn’t compete with anyone else and constantly is improving herself with number of her own goals. These goals she is not only able to achieve but let her be what she looked at herself as a bigger picture in the end result.

She says in the video that nutrition plays 70% of the role in transforming yourself. If you are working out and not taking enough nutrition, you won’t achieve your fitness goal ever. She really took care of her macros, counted calories and kept changing her nutritional plans according to her body needs to reach the desired goals.

She says when she started her journey, her coach helped her a lot. She made her understand that fitness is a lifestyle and not short term goal. She also made her understand the basics of fitness, techniques with the gym machines, what kind of exercise effects what kind of muscle, etc. So, she played the key role in achieving her fitness goals.

Anyone can identify with her transformation story where she was once an ordinary person comfortable and okay with the way she looked and carrying on with life. But her transformation began when she realized that it is not okay when people call you fat or unfit, it is not okay when you are not happy with the person who you see in the mirror daily. So, you have to change it.

She summed up her transformation journey in one line with a hashtag #thisgirlwon’tstop and that means that she will not stop and keep pushing herself beyond every limit. She will see what the world and life has to offer her as the time passes by!

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