National Health Awards 2018 by NNHSA

The Fifth National Health Awards are being organized by Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Association on December 27, 2018 at India International Centre, Lodhi Road Max Mueller Marg New Delhi India. The prestigious awards mark the efforts of people who have contributed distinctly in the health, nutrition and related awareness sector across the nation in their respective specialized fields. The event will be chaired by government personnel and many other distinguished guests of honor.

The Fifth National Health Awards are being organized by Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Association on December 27, 2018 at India International Centre, Lodhi Road Max Mueller Marg New Delhi India. The prestigious awards mark the efforts of people who have contributed distinctly in the health, nutrition and related awareness sector across the nation in their respective specialized fields. The event will be chaired by government personnel and many other distinguished guests of honor.

The award ceremony is unique in its nature because of the involvement of an array of esteemed certified nutritionists, doctors, dieticians, physiotherapists, nurses, educationists, social health activists, NGOs and all Natural Health Sciences Therapists. The chosen profiles include major contributions for the betterment of the health, innovative and ground breaking methods to bring development in this field through natural methods and spreading related awareness in the community. All the awardees come from various parts of the nation on one platform.

The highlight of National Health Awards this year is however, are other distinguished and most important awardees – Indian Farmers! Yes, 10 farmers from all over the nation who are promoting natural farming without using chemicals and are contributing to good health of the nation will be honored in National Health Awards this year.

The event will be spearheaded by a panel of speakers which include dignitaries like Dr. Ashwini Mahajan, Sri Patanjali Jha, Dr. Vinti Davar, Dr. Dinesh Upadhyay, Sri Jagdeesh Reddy and Sri Jayender Dabas.

National President- Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Association and Social Health Activist Nicky Dabas and Ms. Neetha Bhoopalam,  Karnataka State President- NNHSA and founder of Glow herbs will be welcoming a list of guests of honor who will be gracing the occasion to encourage the untiring sincere efforts of awardees include the following:

Sri Jayender Dabas - Honorable Ex-Leader of the House (BJP) and Municipal Councillor, Delhi MCD

Dr. Dinesh Upadhyay - Governing Body Member, Central Council for Research in Yog & Naturopathy, AYUSH Ministry

Sri Jagdeesh Reddy - The world-famous Natural Farming Educationist

Sri Patanjali Jha - IRS Officer 1986 Batch, Principal Director of Investigation

Dr. R V Singh - Consultant Eye Surgeon and Past President India Medical association

Dr. Col. M Bhagat – Sr. Physician and Gastroenterologist, Army Commander and Modelist

Dr. K N Singla - A renowned Gastroenterologist (Max Hospital), and Member of IMA and other reputed Associations

Dr. R K Gupta - A renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon and Former President (Delhi Medical Association)

Dr. Vinti Davar - Retired Head of the Department, Food & Nutrition and Vice President -NNHSA

Dr. Ram Avtar - Project Officer Yog, Govt. of Delhi and President, Yog and Sanskar Federation

Here is the list of some of the recipients of this prestigious award. It is imperative to recognize the exceptional work done by them in their respective fields.

1. Mr. Patanjali Jha

Commissioner, Indian Revenue Services
Principal Director of Investigation

Contribution: He is commissioner in Indian Revenue Services in Bhopal, India. He has pioneered and experimented on the concepts of multi layered and no-till farming at a farm called ‘Vanya’. Soil is the biggest depositor of carbon after the oceans and in this method of growing due to no tilling all energy is trapped inside the soil, this also encourages the microbes, earthworms and other small animals including white ants.  Very clear in his mind that no growing/farming is sustainable without the bees which is seriously threatened due to massive spray of pesticides and mobile towers and lack of food for them throughout the year.

2. Dr. Col. M. Bhagat

Sr. Physician and Gastroenterologist
Recipient of Army Commanders Medal

Contribution: 30 years of distinguished service in Indian Army and Navy.  MCI Recognized Post graduate teacher in Medicine and Gastrosciences. He is widely acclaimed Sr. Gastroenterologist with Army and with several prestigious hospitals like R and R, Artemis, Fortis, Max. Balaji, Seven Hills etc and have set up several GE Centres in Mumbai, Lucknow, Varanasi and Delhi. He combines elements of head and heart in discharging his obligations for all-round holistic healing of patients entrusted to him.

3. Dr. Kailash Nath Singla

M.B.B.S, M.D. (General Medicine)

Member of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Association of Physician of India (API), Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG), Society of GI Endoscopy of India (SGEI), Indian Association for Study of Liver (INASL)

Contribution:  he is a renowned Gastroenterologist of North Delhi, practicing since 1994, doing more than 400+ GI procedures/month which include diagnostic and therapeutic; Best Statesman Centenary award, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. He is known for his expertise in

UGI-Endoscopy (Foreign Body Removal, EVL, EST, APC, Oesophageal Stricture / Achalasia / Antral Dilatations, Stentings) Capsule Endoscopy; Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy, Polypectomy, ERCP, etc.

4. Dr. Anant Vijay Singh Rathee

MBBS, MD – Paediatrics

Contribution: A well-known Paediatrician in Dwarka Sector 12, Delhi and has an experience of 8 years in this field. Dr. Anant Vijay Singh Rathee practices at Sri Vinayaka New born and Child Care Clinic in Dwarka Sector 12, Delhi and Ayushman Hospital & Health Services in Dwarka, Delhi. Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Infant & Child nutrition, Travel Vaccination and Consultation, Nutritional Assessment, Growth & Development Evaluation / Management and New Born Care.

5. Dr. Rajkumar

MBBS, DNB – Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery

Contribution: Orthopaedist with 24 years’ experience at Ayushman Hospital & Health Services in Dwarka, Delhi. He has treated number of people suffering from orthopaedic problems and diseases.

6. R. K. Gupta

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Former President DMA
Former Medical Suptdt. Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital
Former Medical Suptdt. Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital

Contribution: Along with heading the orthopedica surgeries he has read papers in national conferences and published papers in JIMA. He retired voluntarily from the post of Medical Superintendent from Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital GNCT Delhi. He still wanted to work for the community so he took on the additional administrative responsibilities which are multidimensional in nature. He was a member of Disability Board and Medical Examination Board. Handled various duties like Nodal officer of security, sanitation, infection control committee, Disaster management committee, DGEHS, Medical & death audit, vigilance officer and Treasurer rogikaliyan samiti. He developed IEC material for various programme and helped in Programme implementation of communicable & non-communicable diseases being assembly, zonal and central cell coordinator for pulse polio, measles cataract control and cancer programme. He was venue Medical officer in Common Wealth Games 2010.

He has taught basic life support, basic trauma, ATLS, ACLS, disaster management, DNB students in orthopaedics, HIV and AIDS management, biomedical waste management, ACLS and BLS in common wealth games.

7. Dr. R. V. Singh

Consultant Eye Surgeon and Past President Indian Medical Association
Consultant at Saroj Hospital & Heart Institute
Medical Director at R.V.S. Eye Centre

Contribution: He has organized more than one hundred cataract, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy screening and operation camps.

8. Dr. Deepak Panchal

Dietitian/Nutritionist in Secunderabad, Hyderabad

Contribution: Dr. Deepak panchal practices at Sujok Theraphy Centre in Secunderabad, Hyderabad. SUJOK is Korean Therapy. In Korean Su means palm (part of the hand)Joke means sole (part of leg). He treats the whole body through palm and sole for any kind of diseases. In Ayurveda concept our body is made up of five elements, If there is imbalance in these five elements body develops diseases. Sujok therapy harmonises this imbalance and tries to cure any disorders. This is a drugless therapy.

9. Dr. Gagan Malhotra

MBBS, MD and MAMC Gold Medalist
Senior paediatrician at Gurman Child Care Clinic
Visiting Consultant Blk hospital Delhi
Diploma holder in Nutrition from Boston University USA
Member of IAP and Secretary of IMA Janakpur

Contribution: 9 years’ experience as paediatrician and neonatology.  He is President Award winner as health consultant.

10. Dr. Bhagwat Rajpoot

Neuropsychiatrist, Asst. Professor & HOD
Deputy Medical Superintendent, WCMSR Medical College, NCR

Contribution: Apart from holding and contributing on the above mentioned designations, he is also working as Visiting Neuropsychiatrist Manipal Group Hospitals, Venkateshwara Hospitals, Rockland Groups of Hospital 4 and Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Dwarka New Delhi. He is serving as National coordinator For DNB doctors in IMA and is a Convenor to Doctor cells Vidarbha BJP.

11. Dr Surender Kumar Dabas

MBBS, MS, DNB (Surgical Oncology)
Director BLK Hospital Surgical oncology Dept.

Contribution: Dr. Surender Kumar Dabas has a vast experience in Oncology. He is pioneer of Robotic Head and Neck Surgery in India and International mentor of Robotic Surgery. His Clinical focus is on Head and Neck Oncology, Trans - Oral Robotic Surgery, Robotic GI Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Gynaecological Surgery. He has been actively involved in teaching Robotic Surgery across India. He has done maximum number of Robotic Head and Neck Surgery in Asia. He has numerous National and International publications. He has started Robotic Surgical Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncology.

12. Dr Tapan Behl

M Pharma (Gold Medallist),
Associate Professor in Department of Pharmacology, Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Punjab.

Contribution: Dr Behl has to his credit 75 publications in journal of repute and also has number of books to his credit. He is bestowed with number of prestigious awards and apart from being an excellent academician, Dr Behl has served society from the last so many years by giving various lectures and symposium on ethics in preclinical research. He also organized many symposiums and seminars and made people aware about the various hazards that could lead to life threatening disorders that could occur if ethical procedures were not followed in scientific research. He has also done awareness project on nutritional deficiencies in children of slums areas. Dr Behl is also involved in guiding masters and doctorate research scholars in various projects by emphasizing then to test herbal remedies, side effect free treatment of debilitating disorders.

13. Dr. Vinti Davar

PhD - Tourism & Hotel Management
M.Sc. - Home Science (Food & Nutrition)
Clinical Nutritionist

Contribution: Dr. Vinti has 39 years’ Experience and Professor (retd). The total teaching and research focus have been on clinical nutrition, dietetics, diet therapy, Nutrition in life cycle, and Food Service Management in Hospitals and Hotels.  Her contribution to the field of improving health conditions of her clients and spreading awareness about the powerful impact of food intake among students and community is noteworthy.

14. Keerthi Chekoti

USDA Certified (since 2010) Organic farmer

Contribution: She is cultivating since 12years, which was taken care of by her parents. Until 2015, she was an NRI and during her vacation in Nov15, she saw our farm produce like fresh vegetables and mid perishable items were going waste, which ignited a thought in her to stay back and launched her company CHEKOTI BIO-ORGANIC PRODUCTS and under Brand CHEKORGANICS, her exclusive Organic store in Vikrampuri, SIkanderabad started in Jan 2016.  She cultivates and packs organic farm products like superfood NONI, Rice, Dals, Ground nut, Spices, millets, fruits and vegetables.

She has her own farms in Pakala village and Jangoan District.  Her flagship product, CHEKORGANIC NONI JUICE, is made of wonder fruit called NONI (Botanical name: MorindaCitrifolia-L), which claims to have 150+ nutraceuticals and other medicinal properties.

15. Ms Jyotsna Krishna

Terrace Garden Consultant

Contribution: In today's times, where cities lack gardens in order to make space for housing, where high rise buildings and space restrictions have taken away the garden from the houses, building a terrace garden with whatever area you have is the best solution to connect with nature.  She provides her expertise in setting up terrace gardens for urban residents, offices and workspaces which helps in generation of clean air and good health.

16. Mrs. Manjula Parthibhan

A Natural Bee keeping Farmer

Contribution: She produces natural raw honey, raw propolis, raw honeycomb capping, raw beeswax and bee pollen for remedial used which useful in various infectious disease prevention and fighting. Bees are the only insects that produce food humans can eat. The most common of the honey bees is one that is found within India and Asia is preserved by her.

17. Sheela Seharawat

Dietitian and Founder – Diet Clinic

PG –Dietetics and Hospital Food Service (DHFS)

Contribution: Practicing since 2005 as a registered dietician, Sheela Seharawat is the Founder of Diet Clinic ®, operating around 35 outlets successfully all over the country and serving Global indian Clients.  A motivational speaker, an expert dietician and a strong believer of healthy and motivated living, she has transformed the lives of many through her breakthrough diets and inspiration on living a healthy life. 

18. Manju Mathur

MSc food and Dietetics
Worked Former Chief Dietitian at GMCH Chandigarh

Contribution: As dietitian alters their patient's nutrition based upon their medical condition and individual needs. She regulated healthcare professional’s system to assess, diagnose, and treat nutritional problems. She has presented papers in national and international conferences including those at Chicago, USA and Yokohama, Japan Papers published in various journals. Provided technical support for chapters in books.

19. Manpreet Singh Grewal

President PAU KISAN CLUB>br> President Natural Farmers Association

Contribution: Manpreet Singh Grewal is known for substantial work in the field of environment preservation over the years and encouraging, promoting and finding solutions for organic and natural farmers as the mast-head of Kisan Club, Natural Farmers Association, Organic Farmers Club and Tree Growers Association.

20. Lata Gupta

Contribution: Lata Gupta is actively involved with various NGOs, Agrawal Samaj, Bharat Vikas Parishad. She had also been part of Lions Club, an international charitable organization and a blood bank. Though it is said it's never enough, but I wish and try to do my best to help others, and spread awareness among the people to help those who need. She also a member of RWA Welfare Association and have been taking care of various departments, such as cleaning, gardening and event management.

21.Ms. Monita Mehra

Nutritionist and Dietitian

Contribution: Through her diet plans, crafted meaningfully to cater to the needs to people, she helps them in understanding the positives of staying healthy and fit. Her Diet Clinic has been doing guiding people with various programs on weight loss, therapeutic diets and other natural means of enjoying life the modern way. Critically important is the way we adopt to a lifestyle. Healthy eating habits, engaging in physical cores and maintaining a clutter free mind is what Diet Clinic has been helping aspirants with, to live a life full of vigour and vitality. 

22. Dr. Shamsher Singh Badhan

BEMS and Diploma Holder in Pharmacy

Contribution: He is a renowned social health activist of Punjab Sangrur, who organized various health camps awareness programs and provides free medicine to the underprivileged societies of the Punjab, he is active member of BJP and providing various benefit to the population direct government to the public and promoting health sector with his dedicated work and efforts.

23. Dr. Satyam Bhaskar


Contribution: Also known as Kumar Vishwas of Physiotherapy and Head of the Department Access Health care, he has received many awards and recognitions from various health and social welfare organizations. He is National Convenor- Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Association and Brand Ambassador of World Peace and Humanity, All India Association of Physiotherapists.

24. Dr. Sandeep Sharma

MD - Radio Diagnosis/Radiology, MBBS
DM Neuro Radiology from AIIMS

Contribution: Interventional Radiologist with 10 years’ experience practices at Fortis Hospital - Mohali in Phase 8, Mohali. He is a member of Indian Society of Neuroradiology (ISNR),American Society of Neuroimaging (51700),Indian Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (ISVIR) and Indian Stroke Association.

25. Mr. Narender Punia

Contribution: Narender Punia is promoting Natural Farming.  Natural farming is an ecological farming The system works along with the natural biodiversity of each farmed area, encouraging the complexity of living organisms—both plant and animal—that shape each particular ecosystem to thrive along with food plants. He saw farming both as a means of producing food and as an aesthetic or spiritual approach to life, the ultimate goal of which was, "the cultivation and perfection of human beings". He suggested that farmers could benefit from closely observing local conditions. Natural farming is a closed system, one that demands no human-supplied inputs and mimics nature.

26. Prof. Rekha Kaushik

Contribution: Professor Rekha Kaushik is working as Principal (officiating) is mainly associated with women welfare in the society in terms of creating awareness on menstrual hygiene. She is also working on urban youth to make them fight against lifestyle diseases since years.

27. Dr. Sridevi Chiluvuri

Panchgavya therapist from Tamilnadu

Contribution: She is acknowledged as Panchgavya therapist. Panchagavya therapy is based on the five gavyas (by-products) of the Indian Cow. Three of them are directly produced by the cow and two of them are derived from the cow’s milk. The three direct gavya are Cow’s Urine, Cow’s Dung and Cow’s milk. The two derived gavyas used in panchgavya therapy are Curd prepared by fermenting cow’s milk and clarified butter or Ghee. These five gavyas are traditionally used with medicinal herbs in Ayurveda to treat various ailments to give miraculous result. In Ayurveda, Panchgavya including cow urine (Gomutra) are used for purification and increasing the potency of herbs (such as ‘Kupilu and Gunja etc), metals and minerals in the process of medicine preparation. These gavyas are turned into various concoctions and prescribed to the person in need to help him or her get relieved naturally. These are as natural as food.

28. Ms. Divya Pamuru

Contribution: Natural Bioactive Compounds from Fruits and Vegetables as Health Promoters, Plants have been widely used to treat diseases, owing to the presence of bioactive compounds (phytochemicals) which play important roles in health promotion and disease prevention. In recent years, advances in chemical extraction techniques, lifestyle and dietary choices for human health have increased the interest in the consumption and study of fruits, vegetables, and foods enriched with bioactive compounds and nutraceuticals. Thousands of dietary phytochemicals, such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, glucosinolates, terpenes and alkaloids, have been identified and categorized further according to a diverse array of biochemical properties. Many of these phytochemicals have been hypothesized to reduce the risk of several pathological conditions which include life threatening diseases such as heart disease and cancer, to name a few.

29. Dt. Priyanka Aggarwal

Nutritionist and registered members of NNHSA

Contribution: Her aim is to enrich people's lives with the right amount of nutrition and help them build a healthy bond with food. She has organised more than 100 Nutrition Awareness Camps All over India. She represents village and farmers situation and problems in front of public via television, newspapers and news channels timely, whenever opportunity arises.

Conducting Adolescents Girls and female health and hygiene awareness camps and seminars in society, schools and coaching/training Centres. She visits various food manufacturing and production companies and farms to check the quality of food. She also educates population and about ethics and responsibilities toward society and country.

30. Ms Neetha Bhoopalam

Aroma Therapy Expert and Perfumer
Natural Cosmetologist Stress Manager

Contribution: She is a Soap Making expert and has been featured in Femina as Soap Star. She has lead self-sufficiency programme for women empowerment and trains them on various skill-sets of soap making and small-scale industry setup.

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