MyProtein: Warehousing Quality in India team went to an eye-opening and interesting warehouse tour of MyProtein. The episode unveils the team’s findings, the quality of products, the technique of storage, insights into the process of manufacturing of the products and much more. Watch the coverage to know more!

The Episode encompasses the whole process of storage of MyProtein products in India. As one of the brand’s well-known ambassador explains that all these products are manufactured in UK and then are warehoused here.’s host Simran Khosla takes a tour to the warehouse with the unit to cover how each product is stored here at MyProtein’s Manesar Warehouse. There were MyProtein ambassadors, the warehouse’s meticulous and hardworking staff and technology that keeps the products fresh throughout their journey until they reach their consumers.

One of the most interesting highlights of the tour was launch of 3 new products of MyProtein in India. In India, MyProtein has put 30 of its total 2500 products in the market. These products are in sync with Indian supplementation needs with high-quality. The reason behind the authenticity of the products is simple – all products are manufactured and tested at one place in UK only and since MyProtein hasn’t installed different manufacturing units, the brand is able to maintain the quality of the products from one place, matching it to the set standards.

After all what’s a supplement without the best quality. No matter how fancy the packaging seems, how good the product feels, it is the quality of the of the supplement products that ultimately yield results both for the consumers and the brand as well. MyProtein definitely scales high on this parameter from

The recent interesting range of products that were launched in October by MyProtein include Impact EAA, The Whey (Premium Protein. The tasteful and high on health quotient bars and snacks for the fitness enthusiasts of fit India they launched - Protein Brownie, Baked Cookies, Flapjacks and Flavdrops. The grand launch of the newest in the family of MyProtein in India is on Black Friday (2019). MyProtein is introducing for the first time in India - Pre Workout, (Impact Whey Protein) Thandai flavor, especially, crafted for Indian taste buds and calorie defying Lean Brownie without compromising on the great taste. The products were tasted festively at the warehouse tour and the response is for you to watch in the video!

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