Mukul Nagpaul’s 28-Day-Transformation despite Work Pressure

The responsibility of desk job lead my body to accumulate a lot of fat that I didn’t have earlier. But I did it with discipline!

Mukul Nagpaul’s 28-Day-Transformation despite Work Pressure

I haven’t been unfit according to the common perception of people of having a totally bloated body. I had earlier done a 12 week transformation and was considerably fit. Things got out of proportion from January 2016 when I was working on an important project and was overloaded with a lot of job responsibilities at work.

I was a Fitness Educator and in November, 2015, I had to take on the responsibility of Fitness Training Manager as well at SUMAYA. It was evident that I was not getting any time to workout and was eating whatever came my way, without thinking at all. As a result, my body accumulated a lot of fat, which I didn’t have earlier.

In June, I went on a holiday and my friend told me that I have gained fat so I decided that enough is enough. My birthday was in July and I decided to gift myself a new physique on my birthday. I still had a lot of work pressure. I became conscious of my situation and hence I decided to do a transformation that nobody would have seen before and came up with a plan to transform myself in just 28 days.

Yes, I only gave myself 28 days to shred! Because of this tedious goal, every single second was important as I had logged my journey on facebook, I was aware that the world out there was watching how I was going to achieve this target. It worked well for me.

I had strong belief in myself and was confident of my capabilities to transform myself in 28 days but yes, my friends were very supportive as they encouraged me throughout my journey and I had announced on facebook that I will be transforming myself in 28 days and got a lot of support from people from facebook as well.

Earlier because of stress I was eating a lot of sugary foods so controlling my sugar cravings at the beginning was very challenging and I had very limited time to workout and to recover, so had to make use of the every single second.

I worked out 6 days a week with back-biceps and core, chest-triceps and lower back, legs-shoulders and calves, split twice a week. I made a periodized training plan derived out of my 9 years of experience, which had giant sets and cardio in between the workouts.

Right now, I am preparing for a full-marathon in January. So, I take 5 meals a day which are high in carbohydrates and medium in protein and fats.

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