Mr World and Mr Asia Mangesh Gawde's Story

Any other field didn’t attract me as bodybuilding is in my mind, heart, blood last but not the least it’s my passion.

Mr World and Mr Asia Mangesh Gawde's Story

I am Mangesh Gawde from Mumbai, Maharashtra (India). I am 38-year-old. Basically I am from Konkan Vengurla Sindhudurga. I started fitness as a hobby at an age 17. I am a Bachelors in Commerce from Konkan Dr. Balasaheb Khardekar college Vengurla in the year 2000. After graduation I came to Mumbai for Job. Started job in a factory of Marlex cooker as a helper, but my passion, my hobby didn’t leave any scope for any other job, and hence, I switched to my 1st job as a fitness trainer in the year 2001 with a salary of only INR 3000. Then I improved my fitness skills and did certifications from Verous Academy in the year 2005.

My life turned around with my qualifications, I joined new job and became fully focused in the fitness industry with brand EVOLVE fitness. There I molded my zeal to excel in the field of fitness and became well known fitness personal trainer. Afterwards, I continued my services designated as a trainer and in 5 years, I got promoted as top Business Sales Head.

Then in 5 years, I started my own 2 gyms in Mumbai with the name ‘MUSCLE & MIGHT’. I never thought I will become a famous Mens Physique athlete in India as well as on international level. But life gave me that opportunity in the year 2015, my 1st bodybuilding competition Mr. Maharshtra Shree, I landed in top 4 and then I never looked back. There were Mr. Jerai, Mr. India Mr. Olympia, Mr. World, Mr. Asia championships and my performance and place improved day by day. Now, I am a professional Gym Management Service Provider (sales, set up, training, budget planning, sales training, etc.) and online personal trainer.

I didn’t face much of a challenge in my fitness journey. But yes, whenever I prepared for the competitions and achieved a perfect body conditioning, did the best of the poses on stage and still, couldn’t get a place in competitions, I felt very nervous and taken aback. Secondly, this sport requires a lot of financial backup and needs some support from the government or any organization who is willing to promote this sport. When Bodypower Expo people came to India, I was awestruck by the potential of this sport and hence, I decided to transform my physique, and I succeeded. Despite all the odds, if you are passionate enough, you can make it at a good position in this sport.

Basic workout schedule: I am focused at one body part each day while preparing for competitions. I train two times a day, basically, Cardio and Abs in the morning and Weights in the evening.

My Diet: I follow the same 365 days of the year. I consume 5 meals a day which are balanced in nutrition content. Whenever I am in a prep mode, I take more protein and less carbs, no sugar, salt or spice.


  • Mr. Maharashtra: 4th place
  • Jerai Classic: 4th place
  • Mr. India: 5th place
  • Mumbai Shree: Silver Medal
  • National: 5th place
  • Olympia, Hong Kong: 6th place
  • Mr. World, Thailand: 6th place
  • Mr. Asia 2018 Trophy Winner
  • NBBUI Mr. World: Gold Medal

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