Mr Bodypower (Delhi), 2018: Yash Thakur was Once a Skinny School Kid

This athlete coverage raises hope for all the people who start off as a weakling and yet dream of being a fitness athlete. Yash Thakur’s climb to becoming Mr Bodypower (Delhi) from a skinny guy is worth a read.

Mr Bodypower (Delhi), 2018: Yash Thakur was Once a Skinny School Kid

I am Yash Thakur and I am 20 years old fitness enthusiast and men’s physique athlete. I live in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR. I wish to influence people not only just to be fit but to be aesthetically pleasing and to be able to make a mark for themselves so that they can make an identity of their own. Of course, living healthy and fit has the reward of living the life to the fullest and being able to perform day to day task with double the ease, because it increases your productivity.

Initially, I was a very skinny kid in class 10th and everyone used to bully me or comment on the way I looked. All this used to pinch me and at last, I decided to transform myself into a new, fitter and healthier version of myself.

I am now a male muscle model and men’s physique athlete and professionally, a master coach for doing transformations for the elite. I have won Mr Bodypower Delhi in the year 2018.

The most difficult part of my journey so far was when everyone in my family excluding my parents were against me for taking up fitness as a sport, they thought that there is no scope in this field further and I will land up being only a trainer. I fought these circumstances and continued to do what I loved the most. Standing against your own people is difficult and you make enemies in your own family, this makes it the most challenging part of the journey.

I manage time by scheduling and rescheduling my time-table for the day according to my engagements in advance and hence, I save myself an unorganized approach.

My basic workout schedule is working on small muscle group in the morning with cardio. Abs and larger muscle groups, I train in the evening when I am through with the day’s work.

My basic diet shoots for about 200 gm of protein, 350 gm of carbs and 128 gm of fat with some simple sugars post workout.

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