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Mother's Day Message from Mothers to Mothers!

A mother is by and large a synonym of strength. How many times it would happen that you looked up to your mother for answers, for solace, for peace and for inspiration? Almost at every stage of life and age of life.

How many of you would wish your mother to appear unaffected by aging in terms of energy and strength in mind and body? Everybody right! Mother’s Day is a day to introspect your own health if you are a woman and if you are a woman who has borne and raised kids then all the more. Responsibilities of love and loved ones must inspire one to get stronger rather than pull you down and keeping yourself back in the list of your own priorities.

If family looks up to you then you must look after yourself in the first place because that will teach your children to be self-caring, adopt a fit lifestyle like yours and be independent – the first step towards being stronger each day of their growth. Bodyandstrength.com Mother’s Day Ambassadors have brought profound message for all the mothers out there – Live life Queen Size!

Sonali Swami

Sonali Swami has been a competing athlete, is a coach and online trainer (lifestyle and fitness). She has two children – daughter is 15 years young and son is 12. Her children take pride in their mother’s achievements. Sonali told bodyandstrength.com that her ride wasn’t that easy because she had to manage and plan in advance, especially, when she was competing. In normal days also she has to plan her day in advance according to the tasks ahead in terms of work and managing her time with children and family responsibilities. She was filled with gratefulness towards her family, her husband, her in-laws, her children and her own parents who formed an infallible support system around her all these years. Without their support and understanding, she says, that she wouldn’t have managed a high flying career in the field of her choice.

Sonali says that when she travels, or is out with her children, she enjoys everything once in a while in terms of her diet and stresses on eating right wherever you go, you always find better and healthy options. We asked her whether she faced any complaints or received any compliments from her children, she said that every now and then they show that they are proud of her and sometimes get surprised by her followership.

But it is all about being accepted as you are and she feels good about it to be blessed with understanding children. She stressed on maintaining a balance and coming over any kind of complex or depression which sets in due course of time, during pressure situations. She said that it is equally important to work on your relationships in between because the people around you, who love you are your real strength. We couldn’t agree more Sonali!

Diksha Chhabra

Diksha Chhabra entered into the field of fitness in 2016, she started working on herself when her son Jagrav was only 6 years old. She was going through personal image crisis, didn’t feel good and has a lot of health issues before that. She decided to fight it out and not only transformed herself but is now a certified nutritionist and online fitness coach and helps people fight lifestyle diseases, losing weight, building a healthy life in and around them.

Diksha runs a website and is an entrepreneur, it leaves less scope of leisure for her still she says that when you love to do what you do, it hardly matters. She churns out a sleep of 6-7 hours a day and she says that her body has got acquainted to it. She says that her in-laws have supported her a lot and usually take care of her son when she is travelling for work. She says that she cheats on her meals when she is enjoying with her kid outside because she knows how to balance it out with her workout and once you adhere to a fit lifestyle, eating what you want and having fun once or twice a week won’t disturb your progress.

She also pre-plans her day in advance most of the times and then carries out tasks for the day. She says that when children grow up watching their mother taking care of her health and exercising, they take up a healthier lifestyle naturally. Everyone wishes their children to be healthy and fit in the first place, so this is the first step for all the mothers out there to be fit themselves and exemplify in front of them.

Bindiya Sharma

Bindiya is an athlete who represents India in Powerlifting & Bikini category on International stage. She plays other roles like fitness coach, grooming mentor, entrepreneur, and business women. She professionally started competing in the bodybuilding event from 2016.

She is a mother of two girls age of 15 and 5. She balances my life with children, home, work and fitness by prioritizing the things. She manages her time in such a way so she can give the time to all. She won’t call them challenges. These are opportunities to invest into herself and family more along with handling her goals. She just lives one day at a time.

Children always look up to a super-hero in her. For any fit mom, not necessarily has to be most physically fit - a mother who is mentally fit and understands her children's stated or unstated needs creates the strongest bond between them. That brings sharing and transparency. This automatically results into encouraging child's ability to speak their mind. That's strength. Both of her daughters see her as an idol.

Rita Singh

Rita Singh is an IFBB figure Pro and an IFBB International Judge and a business woman currently pursuing her education in Bharatnatyam from her Guru Sudhana Shankar. She is a mother of a 30 year old boy.

It has always been her endeavor to stay by her son and guide him in everything he does. Mothers are in fact, the first teachers. But especially in this case when he had been battling autism. It was at that time, when she herself started weight training very intensely and started her new journey.

While it is a challenge for every mother to balance her different roles in life. The divine maternal instinct is such that nature pushes every woman to overlook and forget her own individual self and surrender her life to her children.

She makes sure that she spends quality time with her child and involve him in her activities as much as possible, so that they can be together, and they can strengthen our their bond, understand each other deeply and function like a team. This automatically helps her to balance work, home, family and children.

She makes sure that her child gets the best nutrition, is able to inculcate values that help him to be healthy and successful. A healthy child is able to perform and focus on self-development. He can enhance himself and reach his best potential, making him a successful, happy and complete person, staying away from negativities.

It gives her tremendous amount of peace that her son looks upon her as his pillar of strength. He is well aware that his mother is capable of doing just almost anything and he needn't worry about anything till the time his mother is there. Having battled autism, he is also aware that no matter what happens, even if there is not a single person in the world supporting him or accepting him, his mother is always there and is strong enough to fight anything and will stand by him unconditionally and is very capable of that. This is the greatest benefit of having a fit mom in the family.

Annu C. Marbaniang

Annu C. Marbaniang is a 38 year old athlete from Delhi. She got opportunity to participate at beauty pageants and fashion shows. But even during this phase, she still played sports. After her marriage sports was no longer an option and she started going to the gym. She learnt different aspects of fitness exercise and decided to pursue a career as a group class fitness instructor. Today, she is an internationally certified to take various group classes including les mills programs such as RPM.

She has two children, her eldest son is of 16 and daughter is of 12 years old. Her family has stood beside her at every juncture of her life towards fitness sports. Both her children are happy and feel proud of her achievements.

She has been married for over 17 years. She has realized that discipline, dedication and determination are three Ds that will make any goal achievable. Time management is the key to getting things done at the right time and place. She has managed to organize her schedule so as to be able to dedicate sufficient time for each activity of her daily life. It does get tough at times, but always manageable.

There has been many obstacles in her journey. But each obstacle never demoralized her. Instead falling down she grew stronger and more determined towards her goal. The fact that she belong from North East was never an issue according to her this fitness industry has been very supportive and gives full credit to them.

She stated that “Fitness is a state of good health and positive thinking. This is the best lifestyle that one should follow. Given today’s technology era where children are caught up with their laptops, mobile etc. having a fitness environment at home has a positive impact on the growth of a child”

Kavita Nandi

Kavita Nandi is a professional figure athlete. She has an experience of 10 years in the fitness industry and experience of 4 years in competitive world. She is also a certified sports nutritionist and martial artist. She is awarded as fitness guru 2019 of Inspire Motherhood Award.

She started her fitness journey at the age of 19 and that was her first step towards fitness. It’s a rollercoaster ride every day. Family and fitness both are her priority at the same level. She sets all things accordingly.

She is a mother of 2 kids, her elder son is 6 years old and younger son is 4 and half years old. Challenges are there at each and every step as she is having 2 kids their study, her gym and family she manages all by giving her 100% in every small thing she is doing.

As Rita Singh has put it - Every mother is in fact multitasking and has to reach her goals, being within the realms and limitations of societal norms and beliefs; she will always have to face obstacles and impediments.

It has always been seen, without exception that when the lady in the house is fit, the entire family is fit. Fitness is not just about looking good. It is the ability to function efficiently and reach your goals. Since, a mother is the first teacher of every child, and the most effective and real way of teaching is by setting an example, the child subconsciously and effortlessly imbibes the best habits.

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