Most Elementary Gym Essentials By IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala

What’s in your gym bag? Do you know what should be in your gym bag? If not read out the article and you’ll get to know about the surprising essentials of gym.

Most Elementary Gym Essentials By IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala

So what do you keep in your gym bag and what are the things you can’t do without in a gym? Yes, we are talking about gym-bag essentials. New year has started, some of you might already be staying steady on your resolve to stay fit and might be going to the gym. Some of you might already have lost the motivation and would have thought that you will do it later. But staying fit and earning that body is a full-time job to tell you the truth, you absolutely cannot put it on a backburner or second priority when you actually so badly need it!

Having an organized gym-bag not only helps you in your workout but keeps you motivated. Having good gym clothes on with a sports watch is more than just their respective function, it boosts your spirits 50% of the time because you generally act what you have on. Have you ever paid attention, how wearing a pair of jeans changes your body language to a casual one, have you noticed how girls behave when they wear a saree. Yes, so when guys and girls wear sports gear or gym gear, the attire motivates them and give them the necessary thrust to perform in gym.

What you have in your gym-bag mentally prepares you for your upcoming workouts, especially, when the accessories inside your bag support your workout or exercises. You feel prepared and look forward to your day’s exercise. Each one of us may have different list of gym essentials according to their preferences. I too have different set of gym essentials which I can’t do without in a gym and missing them means missing a part of me and certainly affects my workout mood for the day.

I don’t forget the following seven accessories when I come for daily workouts and these things are my permanent gym-partners!

1. Shaker

Whether it is your daily protein or just plain water, a shaker is a must. Never forget to stay hydrated and keep drinking water in between your workouts. The more you sweat, the more you need to drink. Some of you prefer post workout protein shake so how can’t you come prepared with it?

2. Sanitizer

Well, personal hygiene is a must. The gym is a common workout place for many types of people coming from various kinds of jobs with different kind of infections. No, I don’t mean to scare you people, I just want you to know that it gives peace of mind to me when I take care of my own hygiene and stay away from borrowed dirt, viruses and bacteria with the help of a sanitizer before using equipments. It can certainly help you too!

3. Extra T-shirt

It is kind of a high feeling when you sweat out and feel drenched but not at the cost of looking like a damp monster! Moreover, carrying an extra T-shirt keeps you feeling fresh to do more and perform more. So it is a good idea to change your T-shirt when they first one goes stale with your sweat.

4. Wrist Supporter and Back Supporter

If you are going to lift heavy and give it your best without getting injured, you must not forget it. A wrist and back supporter give a kick to your deadlift. It does wonders to keep you in right form and posture while exercising and minimizes the chances of injury too. I carry them to gym almost daily and can’t imagine missing them.

5. Phone

Now, it is not just we athletes or fitness lovers who can’t do without phones. I guess today’s world is literally invaded by these magic devices whether it is business or education or entertainment or just staying connecting or shall I say ‘over-connected’. Jokes apart, for me, my phone proves a lifeline as I get fueled with my kind of music through it, can watch fitness motivation videos and have all the needed news.

6. Spray Mint

By now you might have guessed that feeling fresh and staying hygienic has got a great purpose while setting my gym bag. Spray Mint is another addition to it, especially, when you know that you are going to meet many people at closed spaces like gym also, when you are munching on pre and post meals.

7. Wrist Watch

How can one forget time when it rules our existence on this Earth. No I am not going overboard with its importance but correct me if I a wrong in talking highly of time. Wrist watch helps in timing your workout and are hence, the quickest way to time your pace and intensity. A must have indeed.

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