Misguided and Bullied but Didn't Stop - Nagarjun's Fitness Journey

All struggling with their body to transform, can identify with the difficulties he faced, he tried almost everything, had failed attempts but never gave up. Read Nagarjun’s story to know how he upgraded himself and studied to reach his fitness goal!

Misguided and Bullied but Didn't Stop - Nagarjun's Fitness Journey

Fitness became a part of my life when I joined boarding school in 8th standard where they used to give more importance to physical health along with studies. I used to exercise early in the morning every day though I was not interested. We also used to have yoga classes twice a week.

This became daily routine in my life and I started liking it thereafter. The craze of building a good physique started when I was in 10th standard where I used to do pullups every day with the iron bar present in our washroom section and 50-100 pushups every day and at night when no one was awake in the dormitory as they would have bullied me if they ever came to know. I started seeing a good shape in my Biceps which made me do more and more. But because of hostel food, I couldn’t eat much and was very lean at around 45 kg till my 10th class.

People around me used to tease me badly because of being very lean where ever I went. This made my desire to build a good physique stronger. Being brought up in hostels, till 12th standard I was not having proper food and access to gyms and all this didn't support me to put on muscle. Somehow I managed to gain 5 kg of weight in my 11th and 12th class and I weighed 50 kg when I passed out of school.

I got admission in Bangalore for my higher studies which is then that I saw gym for the first time in my life. I couldn’t sleep that night after seeing body builders over there. I took membership immediately, next day, and started working out.

Although I got all facilities, I was not having much knowledge about the right nutrition and training. I kept eating whatever I got and did workouts without proper form as those were days when there was no YouTube, Facebook or Instagram to get knowledge and no smartphones as well. 

Although I was going to gym every day, I didn't use to get results the same way like the other people in gym who were having very good physique. I started talking to them to know more about nutrition and training to get results like them.

All I came to know was that they were injecting steroids and taking banned pills. They suggested me as well to start if at all I wanted to build a good physique. I didn't go ahead as I was aware of the adverse effects of them being a paramedical student.

I kept going to gym for workout though. I was not getting enough results as I got addicted to workouts.

Days passed and I got addicted to Facebook along with gym. I used to make friends who are into fitness to learn more about that. And I joined a fitness group in the due course at Facebook who used to promote just Keto diet.

I gave a try and I ate only 20-25 boiled eggs for strict 30 days along with some veggies and curd. I lost my fat along with hard earned muscle after 30 days and I stopped doing that and also stopped following the group.I decided to learn and explore much about the nutrition and training so I started reading research papers instead of following ‘bro’ science experts.

I came to know about the facts and started applying on my body and it started working! People who used to workout along with me in gym came to me and asked for help. This also included the gym owner! My guidance helped them a lot and I slowly started my profession in fitness 3 years back, training people online for their transformation.

My interest got shifted from bodybuilding to powerlifting as I came to know that I can't hit stage and win being natural. I can say this was a turning point in my life.I have competed in 2 powerlifting meets so far and won gold medal for my bench during last meet.Fitness to me is being healthy inside as well as outside to live with more confidence.

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