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Mind and Body: How to Strike a Balance?

Only hectic workout and only nutritional diet cannot give you a healthy lifestyle. You need to balance between everything- mind-body, workout-diet!

Mind and Body: How to Strike a Balance?

People perceive that following a hectic workout schedule can give them a healthy lifestyle. They believe that having good nutritious meals can make them achieve their health goals. Yes, all the notions hold true as far as your mind registers that, is at peace with your routine and is filtering out all the stress inducing factors in your life regularly. Without the steel willed support of a mind which knows how to balance your emotional quotient with your changing physical condition, it is impossible to reach your goals. The pathway to good health doesn’t need resolutions, instead it needs a constant connection between mind and body. My life coaching clients seek wholeness, vitality and optimal well being and that is what we call good health.

The Mind and Body Connection

Human mind has immeasurable power to affect and impact our state of health in strange ways. Many of my life coaching seekers understand that thoughts, choices and experiences influence their tendency to be healthy or going low on immunity. Have you ever noticed the following phenomena:

  1. Someone develops high blood pressure after being appraised at work.
  2. Another person is just out of an abusive relationship and her weird self-pitying attacks subside suddenly.
  3. Other person has to work in bad work environment and hence, suffers from persistent headache.
  4. A person who takes care of everyone but not herself is often falls sick and has weak immune system.
  5. Another person develops severe gastroenteritis after losing a loved one.
  6. Students falling sick around or during their exams.
  7. Sudden fever after waking up whole night to prepare an important presentation to be given in the morning.

Have seen that there is no apparent physical reason which can lead to a sickness in all the above examples. In the seventh example, if the person would have been awake attending a close friend’s wedding, he wouldn’t have ended up falling sick except given that he/she ate bad food! It has been seen that many people who are actually suffering from serious illnesses like diabetes, get stressed out and end up having an imbalanced reading on the glucometer no matter what medicine or therapies they are already taking to control it. The crux is that if your mind is not in communion with your body, nothing can help you from falling a prey to diseases and aggravating the existing health conditions.

How to Strike a Balance between Mind and Body

To avoid the above conditions, it is important to calm your mind and make it understand the needs of your body, make it prioritize your workouts, meals and healthy lifestyle. When we are in an optimal state of balance, we naturally tend to listen to our body with affection and voluntarily choose to support happiness and wellness.

To establish a balance, it is important to pay attention and implement these seven positive steps:

  1. Meditate: Nothing helps your mind more than your own rhythmic breathing in a state of meditation upon your own self-love. Remember that this relaxed state of mind is actually charging up your stored positive energy when you are meditating. Scientific research on meditation shows numerous benefits, including decrease in hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, depression, insomnia and addictive behaviors. It is preferred if you go for guided meditation.
  1. Healthy Diet: Eating the right food apart from breathing well is the next thing on the list. The food should be nourishing, healthy and fresh. Consume a variety of foods that are appropriately prepared and eaten with awareness. Eat freshly prepared food if you can and avoid canned or preserved foods.
  1. Daily Workout and Yoga: You have to put exercise on priority. Regular workout disciplines your lifestyle and makes up for your otherwise sedentary lifestyle subjected to gadgets at home and office. It burns calories, washes your system off toxins, balances metabolism and increases your stamina to perform in your life goals. Researchers have already proven powerful impact of exercise on many of the biomarkers of aging, including muscle mass, strength, aerobic capacity, bone density and cholesterol. All those who workout or do exercises must keep a day or two for yoga as it acclimatizes your body to establish natural connection with your body, doing wonders for your overall health.
  1. Take Proper Sleep: When you have a sound sleep or a restful sleep, it is easier for you to cope up with stressful situations in the day to come. Research shows that inadequate sleep disrupts body’s innate balance, weakens the immune system and contributes to weight gain. So it is not a matter of pride if you are going for days with little sleep.
  1. Correct your posture: Have you ever noticed how smiling makes you feel better in a while. How sitting up straight makes your brain more receptive to the information and how standing tall helps you with your confidence level. Your posture and expressions play a great role in giving signals to your brain about how to feel so it is important be in the right mood and right posture whether it is exercise or day to day life.
  1. Take a break: It is important to take a break from a routine you have been following and experiment a little to charge up your brain once again. Sometimes, walking away from the problem for a while helps you solve it and taking a break helps you work better after coming back.
  1. Surround yourself with positive people: It is elementary that you remain focused and self motivated to improve your health both mentally and physically but it is all the more important to be in the company of people who make you feel good and positive. Optimism is infectious and attracts good results, makes the process enjoyable and helps you perform better in any sphere of life. Cultivating positive bonds helps you get rid of emotional toxins you carry in your subconscious mind.

All said and done, if you are serious about changing your lifestyle and achieving your health goals, you must remain disciplined and connect your mind to your body through meditation. Exercise with the feeling of getting the maximum benefit out of your workout, registering each movement in your muscles for good. Correct posture and expression help your mind stay connected to your body. Proper rest and occasional break from the routine charge you up and help strike a balance when you are getting overboard with the routine and last but not the least, the company of positive people help you stay focused. Those who workout daily, know the benefits of exercising with enthusiastic and supportive partners.  

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