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Mental Health Alert – Things to Keep in Mind!

Do you know the common symptoms of depression? Do you about different types of depressions? Learn more about depression so you can talk openly with you doctor. Find out the warning signs of more serious depression problems so you can prevent depression complications.

Mental Health Alert – Things to Keep in Mind!

Is it Depression?

Consider the risk factors which form the baseline for diagnosis of depression.

  1. Genetics: A history of depression in your family may make it more likely for you to get it. It is thought that condition can be passed down. The exact way this happens, though, isn’t clear.
  2. Death or loss: Sadness and grief are normal reactions. Sometimes thought such big stresses can bring serious symptoms of depression, like thoughts of suicide of feelings of worthlessness.
  3. Conflict: Personal turmoil or disputes with family or friends may lead to depression.
  4. Past physical, sexual or emotional abuse can bring it on as well.
  5. Life events: Even good things like moving or graduating could make you depressed. Other changes that can include:
  • A new job
  • Loss of employment or job
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Having a baby

Other Illnesses

 Sometimes depression pairs with other illnesses or can be a reaction to them like:

  • Sleep problems
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD


Depression can be a side effect to something which you take for some other condition. If it happens with you, talk to your doctor about checking and changing your medications.

Substance abuse

Nearly 30% of people who abuse drugs or alchohol have depression too. Some people misuse substances like these when they feel down and for other people, the heavy use of these substances can bring on depression symptoms.

Other Problems

Things like social isolation due to other illnesses or separation from family or social group can lead to depression.

What do I do now?

Treatment works best when it is started early. If you think, you have depression and are indulging in some substance, some activity or same sort of lifestyle more than required, talk to your doctor. They can help you find out if you actually are depressed and can definitely help you feel better.

All this while, it is important that you do not feel down or affected by seasonal or circumstantial blues for a long period of time. If any sort of sadness or negative thought surrounds you, it is best to try changing your lifestyle first, sorting to eating healthy and doing stuff that makes you enjoy life more. Go for a walk, travel and invite a welcome change along with working out or doing yoga and meditation daily. Even after doing so for a set period of time, you do not feel any better, it is time to see a doctor!

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